Rage for Wage

One man. So many protests

Over at INI Signal, Chandra discovers the ‘Rage Boy’: Brian Ledbetter at the Snapped Shot blog digs into photo archives to find one man who stars in so many photographs of protests (against almost anything) in Kashmir.

Rage Boy - Source: Snapped Shot

Head over to Snapped Shot and take a look at the Rage Boy’s numerous outings. [Update: Rage Boy is featured in the Times of India]

10 thoughts on “Rage for Wage”

  1. I got the link from an article by Christopher Hitchens in Slate (via socal) about why we should discount street rage in Islamic nations for every slight that Islamists feel.

    BTW,surprisingly – I just noticed on Slate – we all chose the same picture, for the Slate article and our blog posts. Interesting.

  2. This guy is hilarious.

    As for the street rage – its just pent-up frustration with the the powers that be. So in Pakistan, when folks are upset with Musharraf, they’ll burn an American flag. Because Mush will break their necks if they tried to take him on – just ask Bugti. Same in all the other “We hate America” states. These states permit – some are even complicit – anti-Western demonstrations of anger but will come down like a ton of bricks on anything remotely questioning their authority.

    Of course for the rest of the world the same old tiresome routine has diminishing shock value. Like a baby who cries out of habit.

  3. Maybe he wanted to become a model [per capita kashmir must have the largest numbers of model wannabes – really], but life [jihad] intervened and now, he is making the best of it..

  4. Heh. Not very surprising. Every political party uses professional protestors. Depending on their own workers, would have them end up with fewer people than could fill a Tata Sumo. Besides, those used to a cushy life are seldom keen on participating in many protests for fear of being lathicharged. So some food, a few rupees and maybe some ‘desi’ and you have a raging mob of protestors, crying themselves against injustices done by a cruel government. This fellow could be earning plenty too!

  5. Rajghatta’s article is funny especially the Cafi Press part. But the pic is not TOI’s! Unless they bought rights to it from AFP?

  6. I suppose so. Most newspapers have package deals with wire services like AFP etc

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