Pragati July 07: China values its dispute

The Indian National Interest Review

Issue 4 – July 2007 [Get it from here]
Pragati Issue 4 CoverContents
PERSPECTIVE: Contained by China; Shaking up the Continent; Moving the Right, Beyond principle

FILTER: Realism under the rhetoric; Old secrets, but not news; The mango crate way; America will back the Pakistani army; The world’s defence expenditure in 2006; Love-hate relationships

IN DEPTH: How India is engaging West Africa

ROUNDUP: Defeating Dorothy’s menace; Hard Left; Imported thunder

BOOKS: Reviews of The Year of the Rooster and The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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2 thoughts on “Pragati July 07: China values its dispute”

  1. Nitin: I loved your piece on China. Making Rajya Sabha more like the American Senate is a good idea and will go a long way to help integrate the 8 NE states to the rest of the country. Creative thinking.

    As an aside, you should have a letter to editor section. Everyone’s done a great job with the latest issue.

  2. Anuraag,


    Letters are welcome. Indeed, we are thinking of featuring some of the best comments (on the articles if they are already on blogs) in a letters section.

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