Weekday Squib: Nimitz on our soil

Count on the comrades to offer comic relief

One of the most absurd events reported in the last few days is the docking of the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, off the port of Chennai. One group attempted to create a stink by pointing to radiation danger—never mind that American sailors have not been known to develop extra digits on their limbs, and never mind that millions of people in Chennai peacefully co-exist with the nuclear power reactors in the vicinity. The good folk at Chennai know that Buckingham canal and falling cut-outs of politicians and movie-stars present a greater risk to public safety than nuclear-powered American ships.

But it is the Communists who get the prize for absurdity. Their dislike for America, just like their love for China and the Soviet Union, knows no bounds—certainly not such niceties as patriotism or national interest. They deserve our contempt. They also deserve to be laughed at. Especially when their slogan goes: “Nuclear ship, America ship, we won’t allow it on Indian soil!”.

5 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: Nimitz on our soil”

  1. Where were the Commie protests when the Chinese Ambassador lay a claim on an entire Indian state. Commies (underground and overground) are proxies of the enemies to contain India from within.

    – Sri

  2. You know what they said about not allowing ships on soil. Wouldn’t you agree that if the carrier goes aground, it would be a disaster? So there. The commies are not totally stupid. They have evolved beyond the protozoa level and have understood that ships have to be in water. Give them credit for that.

    Atanu “always looking on the bright side” Today.

  3. N. Ram, Sid Varadarajan, and their masters in the CPI(M) have perfected the fine art of speaking with their lips firmly glued to a certain body part of their “socialism-in-one-country” idols. Must be a result of a beneficial mutation. The porukkis of the fair state of TN most of whom can be found in the DMK and PMK are now trying their best to acquire the self same mutation. In the meanwhile up north the Kaangress minions having long ago mutated to the characteristics of jellyfish (remarkable spinal similarities) are now busy trying to acquire the same mutation of their commie comrades. The worship of mediocrity and mendacity has reached a peak with the likes of Carrots and Burdens commanding prime time on TV. But in all fairness do the people of Stinkaara Chennai deserve any better? Not when they elect a senile wordsmith and his brood to power time and again. Riproaring comedy it would be if it weren’t lives at stake.

  4. One can’t blame the commies for their statements, they are visionaries. Let me explain that. Looking at the kind of rainfall we are getting now and the great town planning done in our metros, almost every city is flooded after it gets even 10% excess rainfall. So, if Nimitz is around here during the monsoons, it is a threat as there is a fair chance of it drifting into our cities. and once the waters recede, it’ll get stuck on our “soil”. Once they get stuck here, they’ll set up their base. The red brigade probably visualises this scenario. Hence, they are protesting.

    But then, Chennai doesn’t get rain now, it gets it during Oct-Dec. So, why is the Nimitz there instead of the west coast cities like Mumbai or Panajim?? Well, that must be a ploy of the evil corporation called ‘America’ to distract us. Lets wait for another conspiracy theory to come. Anyone game for that??

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