There was a foreign hand in Lal Masjid

No opera is over until the fat lady sings

Brace yourself for this: The “foreign hand” of a neighbouring country that is also an “enemy state” has been brought into the picture by, well, a ‘well-placed intelligence source’.

It is learnt that the security forces also found a partially burnt passport of a neighbouring country during the combing operation of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid. The passport has become the focus of attention for the intelligence agencies since the neighbouring country has a history of targeting jihadi organizations, the source added.

The source said the foreign passport was found from Ghazi’s belongings and has been sent to an intelligence agency for further investigation. The presence of the foreign passport in the residence of the late madrassa leader had left senior intelligence officials wondering if secret agents of the “enemy state” had penetrated into jihadi organisations. [DT]

It looks like the Pakistani press agreed to do more for Gen Musharraf than simply not reveal more details about number of people killed.

But it’s a landmark in the history of Pakistan: the ISI blaming the “enemy state” for shoring up jihadi outfits.

8 thoughts on “There was a foreign hand in Lal Masjid”

  1. How can you be cent percent sure that R&AW would not have even tried to penetrate jihadi networks in Pakistan. Maybe R&AW got to Ghazi. what evidence do you have otherwise?

    lol! just trying to play a devil’s advocate.

  2. Hard to believe they mean India – could be Afghanistan too. If it is India they are referring to this is hilarious. They are truly in the wrong business – Bollywood pays big bucks for this kind of fantasy. Ekta Kapoor or Smriti Irani could create a saga that runs 10 years with such imagination.

    As an aside – reality is a severe casualty in the Lal Masjid saga. Mush claims just over 100 died. This does not triangulate well with the several hundred who claim untraceable kin, or the 400 shrouds ordered from the Edhi foundation, or the complete opaqueness in the last rites for the dead. The cover-up job seems just as shoddy as the operation itself.

  3. The ISI does this voluntary service of sending these jihadis across the border. Armouring them with both moral support, and immoral support like weapons, training, fake documents (incl. passports). Now, The Daily Times should ask them where was the next vacation for these jihadis after they are done visiting Lal Masjid. The answer would have been J&K of course. Now the vacation turned into a grave yard, the passport came in handy to be used as a foreign hand. Now, why would RAW give an Indian passport to the jihadis for….to do another train bombing here or…to visit the new wonder of the world, Taj Mahal!

  4. Actually, calling it an “enemy state” suits the ISI’s purpose much better than naming the state itself.

  5. Vanchak – One can only hope that the RAW has their spooks deep inside the Pakistani Jehadi outfits, the Army, the Media, the Business, and last but not the least, the Pakistani Cricket team.

  6. Or did the ISI give the deceased a foreign passport to penetrate that enemy state? The deceased then turned against ISI itself. Can it be like this?

  7. They haven’t named India in that report. On the other hand, this report suggests that the foreign hand belongs to Al-Quaeda-

    “According to senior intelligence officials, the troops who finally took control discovered letters from Osama Bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. They were written to Abdul Rashid Ghazi and Abdul Aziz, the brothers who ran the mosque and adjacent madrasah.”


  8. Gurmeet, I wouldn’t take anything from “senior intelligence officials” at face value. They are almost certainly central actors in this drama – not disinterested observers. They also have a severe credibility gap that starts at the top.

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