Where’s Dawood?

Kazakhstan, Balochistan or Karachi?

Just when you thought that the ISI sent him to the Central Asian steppes of Kazakhstan (to avoid having to hand him over to American authorities) came reports that he was actually ‘arrested’ by the ISI along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border (the same phrase where they hide Osama Bin Laden).

People who used to call Dawood’s private telephone number found themselves talking to people who would take the message to the don. That, apparently, rang alarm bells among those who used to call him.

But just when you thought that that ISI had him in a safe-house in Quetta, Balochistan, come reports that he was shot in the leg when he got into a fight with Black Prince, Firoz Gitto and Firoz Dausa at the penthouse of the Regent Crown Plaza, in Karachi. Like in a 1970s Bollywood gangster movie.

1 thought on “Where’s Dawood?”

  1. The worst part of the whole saga would be white lies that he was never in Pakistan all these days. We have to believe that he was arrested as and when he set foot in Pakistan.

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