Inspiring TIME

Well, we’d like to think so

The August 13th issue of TIME (Europe, Asia and South Pacific ed) is on the stands. Readers of the June 2007 issue of Pragati will find the cover familiar.

TIME - Aug 13 2007 - cover

12 thoughts on “Inspiring TIME”

  1. Nitin:

    Hats off to a visionary, who saw the future! Is Time an epigone of Pragati? Beware, Murdoch might be targeting your venture next after the WSJ! Cheers, mate and great work. Keep it going…

  2. Oh those copycats!

    Note the trivial change they made — they got the elephant facing the other way. As if that would fool anyone. Very amateurish attempt at plagiarizing. I have seen better in undergraduate assignments. Very disappointing.

  3. Both Pragati and Time found the right metaphor for India – an elephant on the move!

  4. Oops, the previous comment should be “you flatterer, you!”

    Sorry for the typo.

    Now about the metaphor of a stationary elephant. That is a telling detail. All decked up and nowhere to go.

  5. Oldtimer, I would please request you to not gratuitously insult porcupines. They are sharp creatures that have a point to their existence.

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