Pragati September 2007: A great deal of power

The Indian National Interest Review

Issue 6 – September 2007 [Download from here PDF (2MB) ]
Pragati Issue 6 Cover

PERSPECTIVE: In defence of the deal; India gets a deal

FILTER: Liberalise nuclear power; Oil supply vulnerability; In the proper format; The war at home; Costs of calling in the army

IN DEPTH: Governing microfinance

ROUNDUP: Taking on the dirigiste state; A few myths, fewer facts; When the Courts step in; An incorrect hyphen

BOOKS: Reviews: Spy thriller; The budget that was not tabled

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2 thoughts on “Pragati September 2007: A great deal of power”

  1. Quibble.

    Please change the map at page 15 (Round Up). That’s from the CIA’s factbook and the bit shown as Pakistan in the bottom is actually PoK; and thus shd be shown as such in this publication, for the sake of consistency.

    Otherwise, an excellent issue. Particularly liked Jaitirth Rao’s aritcle on the acquisitive state.

  2. Corporate Serf,

    Thanks for pointing that out. It’s an inexcusable error. Will amend it pronto.

    Update: Done.

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