What India got from Myanmar’s junta

Not much, actually.

The ‘pragmatic’ of engaging the generals sounds good in theory. Realists should have no problems with that. But as Sudha Ramachandran writes, the record suggests that India’s gains have been few in number and ephemeral in nature:

Over the past year China has won over some supposedly pro-India generals.

China has been helping Myanmar modernise its naval bases. Its presence in the waters off India’s east coast has grown over the past decade.

The Sino-Indian competition for Myanmar’s gas has gone in Beijing’s favour. As for support in counter-insurgency operations, the junta’s record is patchy.

Myanmar’s generals have coordinated operations with the Indian Army and smashed rebel bases in Myanmar. But this has raised doubts about their intentions.

When India honoured Suu Kyi with the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding, the junta struck back by releasing scores of Indian insurgents it had rounded up during a joint offensive, ‘Operation Golden Bird’.

In 2001, when India alleged that two Pakistani nuclear scientists with al-Qaeda were in Myanmar, the junta reacted by freeing about 200 militants. [DNA India]

3 thoughts on “What India got from Myanmar’s junta

  1. So why did New Delhi give Suu Kyi the award or make a public hue and cry over the ALQ issue? The minority terrorist loving UPA alliance no doubt saw some gain to it, but if you mess with your allies, they will hurt you back.

  2. ‘India honoured Suu Kyi with the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding’

    Why? Don’t they think (just a little bit, not much) before doing this?

  3. Massacre of the Burmese Monks: China, India and Russia called to the mat

    This time around it’s not the USA. China first and foremost, India through neglect and strategic opportunism not too far behind, with Russia playing the spoiler – are shoring up the Generals of Burma.

    China has been in there for the long term to exploit Burma’s oil, mineral and forest resources – and have directly supported the Burmese Generals. India’s leaders caught in their endless hostility with Pakistan, and the terror that has come to it from its borders, has chosen to ally itself with Burmese military tactically to seal its 1,000 mile border with Burma. In return for security on its border, it is willing to train the Burmese army, supply it and turn a blind eye to the repressive regime. Such is the real politik of any growing power, be it USA or China or India.

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