Helping Bangladesh’s cyclone victims

How and where you can chip in

How and where you can chip in

Cyclone Sidr did a lot of damage in Bangladesh last week. Rezwan offers some guidance on what you can do to help. According to Drishtipat giving to the Red Crescent is the best idea.

International humanitarian assistance has started to come in. Indrani Bagchi of the Times of India blames the Indian government for a lacklustre response. While the issue of whether and how many ships India sends for the relief effort is not really the point (for India shares a land border with Bangladesh), a mere US$1 million in emergency assistance is small enough to be insignificant.

3 thoughts on “Helping Bangladesh’s cyclone victims”

  1. I think every foreign policy decision, even a humanitarian one, should be grounded in national interest. So in this case, we should send aid to Bangladesh only if it’s in our interest.

    It’s not easy for our government to make this decision, since we aren’t sure how the Bangladeshis will react, given their ambivalent attitudes towards India.

  2. Nitin,

    Who decides this amount (probably MEA) and how?

    Did we not give the jihad brewing western neighbor $25M? Is there something going on here?

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