Update: Comments have been enabled

It was dull without comments

We are gradually restoring all INI blogs to their normal operations. Comments on The Acorn have been enabled. We’ve switched to a new anti-spam engine too, so please alert us if it eats up your comment by mistake.

Thanks to Srijith Nair, that über geek from Amsterdam, for responding to the SOS last week. On his recommendation, versions were upgraded, caches were created, plugins were deleted, databases were optimised and cryptic log files analysed. The suspicion is that increased traffic caused the web server to use more hosting resources than the web hosting company thinks it should. But then we have not yet begun to use the server to sequence the human genome or model nuclear warheads or suchlike, so it might be that the web hosting company needs to change its thinking, its systems or both.

As one good friend wrote in to say: it was dull without your comments. So comments are up. And they’ll remain so unless something goes wrong again.

6 thoughts on “Update: Comments have been enabled”

  1. Good to see the systems up again. I was wondering where this website is hosted and I got the answer.

  2. Still think you need to switch to a private dedicated server.

    VPS would provide a middle-ground between shared and dedicated hosting but even that does not come cheap.

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