Be scared, very scared

Worries over Pakistan’s crown jewels

When B Raman says what he says, it is time to start worrying.

They have succeeded in killing her. They will now step up their efforts to eliminate Musharraf. Whoever was responsible for killing her could not have done it without inside complicity. If Al Qaeda is already having sleeper cells in the GHQ, there is an equal danger that it already has sleeper cells inside Pakistan’s nuclear establishment too. [SAAG/Outlook linkthanks Swami Iyer]

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  1. Yes, it is worrying and I won’t be surprised if Al Qaeda has sleeper cells inside the nuclear establishment. I was quite astonished to read that Pakistani scientists had personally approached Al Qaeda to give them information about nuclear weapons….forgetting the name of those scientists right now. If that’s the case, clearly there are some in the Pakistani nuclear community themselves who are open to Al Qaeda having access to Pakistan’s nukes. It just seems so difficult to stop all this from happening now. Some kind of international monitoring of all weapons and material in the world seems to be the only possibly way of gaining control over such events.

  2. I have a bad feeling about this.

    The same feeling I had when Ahmed Shah Masood was assassinated.

  3. Events are moving very quickly in Pakistan, and the terrorists well understand the value of chaos and upheaval to the advancement of their evil “cause”. Their painstaking effort over the last ten years at least, in infiltrating and strategically positioning themselves in the ISI, the military, the religious establishment, the nuclear establishment as some have already suggested, and the government, is now paying off, but at what a horrible price. Surely and inexorably they will get their hands on these nuclear weapons, and they need only a few to blackmail Pakistan into releasing the rest to them. A whole country held hostage by a few is now a not so far-fetched idea. Whether Pakistanis know it or not, or refuse to admit it as some have been doing, the future is terribly bleak, the least of which is the loss of whatever little patches democracy they enjoyed over the last 60 years. The abyss is far darker and more dangerously foreboding.

    It is an absolute shame that any country would regard its nuclear weapons as “assets” and as “crown jewels”, while withholding these superlative accolades from its greatest daughter, Benezair Bhutto, assassinating her instead. Pakistan, it appears had passed a pivotal crossroad, that offered two choices: to either be a democracy that guarantees the rights of all citizens, including minorities, or to become a terrorist state run by a talebanized military, shades of which we saw in Afghanistan. In the assassination of Ms. Bhutto, it has made it s choice, or Musharraf, the golden boy, has made it on their behalf. There is little hope that Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan, would survive the nondescript purge of liberals that is underway in Pakistan. Democracy is dead for the foreseeable future. The Islamo-facist have won; watch for the victory parade.

    A new and different regime is emerging, the Islamo-facist/military dictatorship. It would be greatly different from even the Musharraf regime. It will be equipped with nuclear weapons, Chinese missiles to deliver these weapons, and F-16s and sidewinders to drive the NATO forces from Afghanistan. NATO will soon have a choice, as well, either to expand their forces in Afghanistan and stand up like the Canadians, British, and Americans and fight, or to pull out in fear and defeat. Transit rights to Americans would be denied and all other agreements would be abrogated. Afghanistan is the second prize and its seizure would endanger all other south Asia. It is quite natural to see that the third prize is Kashmir. Al Qeada and the Taleban would have achieved objectives of which they could have only dreamed. My only hope that this nightmare scenario would be stopped dead in its tracks, by the US, NATO, and India.

    The greatest irony in it all is the fact that the very $10 Billion gifted to Pakistan in high technology weapons would be used against the Americans and against all democratic countries, including India. That is the price for supporting dictators of terrorist countries, whitewashing them into “staunch allies”, denying the obvious that Musharraf is a cunning, double dealing, deceitful man, a common thug, and not a statesman. Will America ever learn? It has endangered all nations in the region, and the future does not look bright.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  4. ok, any bereavement is sad, esp one thats untimely..but this is pakistan, oh dear!
    so why all that hue and cry esp in our MSM?
    One of the top flight (read most corrupt) pak politician dies in the most common way in whats new??
    The way its covered by our MSM esp the english visual media, she is being turned a martyr! looks like our media is finding it tough to overcome the death of a clean, very peace loving, India friendly pak leader..
    hey, whom are we kidding?
    her pedigree is well known- remember her famous foto as a kid in that simla pact from which her father reneged back on all promises he made and how vehemently anti-India he was?? look back and think of those ‘eat grass and nuke down India’ rhetorics..
    just a fact here- how he died: a fully bloated corrupt to the boot politician ‘killed’ by an army head..
    a few ‘murders’ later this happens, by another army man..
    She is a corrupt to the boot anti-India shouter..forget her lipsticks, there are more to hate..can any one from the media even think of any thing good she delivered to her own country? rememeber her indictment in swiss courts, her biiig numbered accounts, differences with brother, husband every body, anti India rhetorics?
    she could do nothing to the terrorists being foisted on India(1- she was a passive spectator; 2- she had no control on ISI/terrorist factory; 3- she never moved a stone in the peace direction) and why she shud be considered a big peace lover and friend of India? Is’nt that the biggest joke of recent times??

    It cud be Mushy or their army or their prime rulers- qaeda who cares..Oh nO! now it seems its a japanese trick! Toyota’s failed sun roof lever! That clever fella Mushy:-) has his humour in tact even when their nation is bereaving and comes out with such audacious theories..
    and here our media is acting like suckers..
    wake up guys..its just another blast,another suicide attack, another of their ineffecient anti-India leader’s death. nothing more..lets move on!

  5. Couldn’t agree more with Ananth. All this brouhaha is merely a collective human reaction to not having a clue as to how things will evolve now.

    Benazir had relevance because GOTUS knew that Musharraf has to get out of power and did not want a natural, chaotic and unpredictable succession. They wanted to execute a well-orchestrated succession to a pliant politician, dressed up in bring-back-democracy-drama. No wonder Musharraf agreed to have her return to Pakistan and withdraw cases against her. Why do you think Benazir had time to write editorials in New York Times, give interviews to NPR and such.

    Let’s face the reality. She was corrupt to the core. Started major initiatives to promote terrorism during her rule – Taliban was started when she was in power, terrorism in Kashmir became Pakistan’s state policy during her rule. Pakistan is no worse off after her. The only loser here is GOTUS which had invested heavily in her. From the looks of it, they don’t have a plan B yet.

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