Kargillian blunder

A neologism and a rap sheet

The editorial board of Lahore’s Daily Times, always the one to tread softly around Musharraf—blaming his ‘advisors’ rather than the man himself—deserves honourable mention today.

Not only does the editorial contain a veritable rap sheet against the man. It has topped it with inventing a new adjective: “Kargillian”, to describe blunders of the kind Musharraf made.

Now, what would have caused the newspaper to be so brave as to rub it in so.

4 thoughts on “Kargillian blunder”

  1. New Boss Kayani (Kiyani?) insisting on vetting all military personnel requests to talk to Musharraf – hence isolating him?

    Musharraf may be toast, but the terrorist state trundles on …

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