Villagers won’t be suckered by propaganda

…but you* might

Ravikiran Rao wonders why the UPA government is advertising the benefits of the national employment guarantee programme, on NDTV?

Let’s set aside the spreading the love explanation for a moment. The question why the government is using an English language channel, targeting the urban middle class, when the ads ostensibly are meant for landless villagers, has a simple answer.

Because that is exactly what you would do if you want the urban middle class voter to believe that you are doing something for the landless villager. Because its proponents have been crying foul that you, gentle readers, have been subjected to a propaganda campaign against this gargantuan spending programme. [The best way to justify a propaganda campaign is to claim that it is necessary to counter an existing one]

* With due apologies to rural readers

2 thoughts on “Villagers won’t be suckered by propaganda”

  1. I’m OK if the cost of this campaign on NDTV is one Padmasri to the channel’s leading lady. But if the government is paying primetime ad rates for glamorizing NREGS, that’s good money thrown after the bad!

  2. One other perfectly logical reason could be: To reward a very favourable coverage by news channels. This kind of advertising is a very good handle to ensure beneficial coverage. And to be very frank, there is not much in terms of achievements that UPA government can go to town with.

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