The curious incident of elections in Pakistan

The terrorists did not even attempt big attacks

In the run-up to the elections, there were some major terrorist attacks—including suicide bombings—targeting the Pakistan People’s Party and the Awami National Party.

On the day of the elections there were none. Not that the attacks were foiled. They were not even attempted. (There was only the ‘usual’ election violence, but that’s nothing to write home about)

Rewind a few weeks: During his recent trip to Europe, General Musharraf declared that elections will be free, fair and peaceful (emphasis his).

The metaphorical dog didn’t bark.

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  1. Oh Yes! Man, this is true.How did ‘Media’ miss it, I wonder! Deliberately they choose to ignore, I suppose. Do read Swapan’s yesterday piece in Pioneer dated Feb 24th,2008.

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