Pragati March 2008: The Gujarat Model

Issue 12 - Mar 2008

Issue Contents


Strategic depth vs strategic breadth Vanni Cappelli
America needs to reframe its strategic approach to the region

No anomaly in the shortage Nitin Pai & Sushant K Singh
Why India needs to move towards more capital-intensive armed forces

Securing space on the table Adityanjee
Responding to a new strategic arms race


On Kosovo; Four stages of a jihadi; Maoists strike in Bhutan; India’s foreign technical aid and loans


PRS Legislative Research: Budget Session 2008


Minimum government, maximum governance Mukul G Asher
The Gujarat model of governance holds lessons for the rest of India


Pinnacle of cynicism V Anantha Nageswaran
This year’s Union budget takes us back to the bad days of the 70s and 80s

Futures for farmers Karthik Shashidhar
Good futures markets are essential for farmers’ welfare

Advani’s economic agenda Atanu Dey
The importance of getting it right


Confessions of a retailer Ravikiran Rao
A review of Kishore Biyani’s book, It happened in India

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4 thoughts on “Pragati March 2008: The Gujarat Model”

  1. Lakshman Anand’s picture of the Gujarat classroom is cute. There’s a bored student in the background stretching his arms, and the curious kid in the foreground has her shoes not on her feet but on the bench in her front. Relaxed class.

  2. Oldtimer,

    The person in the backyard is more likely to be the teacher. But I spent a lot of time wondering what the shoes were doing on the desk…

  3. Ananth,

    Criticising the UPA budget is the subject of a multiple volume book. The fertiliser subsidy is only the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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