Do you smile when thugs wreck your car?

Comrade Yechury does

Photo: Subhav Shukla/PTI/TheHindu

He’s probably smiling because the patently idiotic BJP party workers who stoned the Communist Party headquarters in New Delhi handed the comrades just the kind of publicity they like—that of being victims. He’s also smiling because that’ll distract attention from what the Communist thugs are doing in Kerala. With activists like these, does the BJP really need enemies?

8 thoughts on “Do you smile when thugs wreck your car?”

  1. I rather think he’s smiling at the prospect of getting a new car, what with he being the leader of the proles.

  2. May be idiotic, but everyone who reads this asks the question: what’s happening in Kannur ? CPM goondaism in Kannur is getting better publicity and Kannur violence is being mentioned in Parliament. National TV channels and reporters started discussing Kannur. And people in Kannur hope that now, with the national attention, CPM will be slightly apprehensive of carrying out their plans of decimating opposition party workers.

  3. After the Delhi incident, Indian Express and Times of India have now written in detail about violence in Kannur, Kerala.

    This incident sums up how CPM goons rule North Kerala:

    In one case at Peralassery a few years ago, a CPM mob cut off a Congress worker’s hand. The police charged a case but the victim refused to identify the accused. “I don’t want to lose my other hand as well,.”he told the court.

  4. If “BJP” activists wanted to highlight the violence in kannur, there are better means of doing it. After all, it is the second largest party in the parliment. It has spokepersons, national leaders, a media cell etc. And if the recent anti-north india stand by MNS has anything to go by, the goons who indulge in violent activites will not be stopped by media coverage.

  5. Dear Ravi Kiran,

    And if the recent anti-north india stand by MNS has anything to go by, the goons who indulge in violent activites will not be stopped by media coverage.

    There is a difference between MNS and CPM. For MNS, it appears that the leader Raj Thackeray himself does not care about having a bad image.

    For CPM it is different. For them, they have English speaking, gentlemen-like Prakash Karat and Yechury in the capital, and for the English Language Media and their readers that is the face of CPM. They are unaware of the real face of CPM, at the state level, consisting of Pinarayi Vijayans and other goons. When they get exposed, obviously the Karats and Yechurys will not be very happy.

    But i agree, BJP media cell should think about smarter ways of exposing them.

  6. Ravi, you seriously think English media would cares what BJP has to say about a Commie state? It’s nice to see you have so much faith in English print/TV news media. Look at how much success BJP is having trying to get the state of Chinese incursion exposed into Arunachal Pradesh (apparently it should be of national import). Read Shourie article in IE about his success rate with regards to this topic vs Shilpa Shetty’s news….

    The Kannur issue is very similar to what has been happening between Commies and Congress I and TDP in Rayalaseema for decades (TDP since mid-80s) – country bombs, killings, maimings are all part of politics where Commies have any decent presence with law enforcement on its side. Replying in the same language is what Commies understand best.

    Politics at village/district level is a dangerous game in Bharat – one reason why it’s so attractive for goondas to join politics…

  7. No No Nitin, Not true. on the contrary i think in the long run the BJP activists earned some respect from the commies on that day.the commie mentality is basically that of a schoolyard bully who grovels in front of those who he knows can hurt him real bad in contrast to the way he makes life a living hell to those he senses are too weak or for some reason unwilling to hit back.

    just check back the killing stats of Commie thugs vis-a-vis BJP workers by year end.

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