A humble pie

The art of eating one in public

“The money,” The Acorn boldly declared in February, “is on Makhdoom Amin Fahim”. And, in the event, got it very, very wrong. It’s Yusuf Raza Gillani who is Pakistan’s new prime minister. Yusuf who? No idea, we’re still finding out.

(Real experts throw up their hands and say it’s unpredictable. Pretend ones throw up names instead. Let this be a lesson to you Mr Blogger! But but…at least we got the party right!)

7 thoughts on “A humble pie”

  1. Remember this character called Ahmed Chalabi, who we suspected would be running Iraq? Well, in journalism class we were asked to actively research the fact that a potential Iraqi president’s old house in Baghdad was (we were told) the Indian embassy under Saddam. In just two weeks many things happened and bye bye Mr Chalabi. And the Indians possibly saved the embarrassment of being outed as squatters on someone else’s property?

  2. Nitin, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is Pakistan we’re talking about – the best example of Forrest Gump’s “box of chocolates”.

    Real experts throw up their hands and say it’s unpredictable.

    The only real experts were TenPercent (and that 19-year-old nerdy MiniMe) and Amir-ul-Momineen. Everyone else’s guess was as good as yours.

  3. I remember seeing this video on youtube with Gillani feeling Sherry Rahmans breasts in broad day light. Wow, an interesting character for Pakistan. Go Pakistan.

  4. SumeneNeeve: First order of theoir National Assembly is to legislate freedom of “press” 🙂

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