4 thoughts on “107 defence officers seek premature exit!”

  1. Re: “Just let them go.”

    Don’t disagree in principle that you hardly want people who aren’t the most committed as your defence officers, but thinking practically about this, wouldn’t you agree that the 15% pay rise isn’t much, given that they were hardly enjoying high salaries to begin with? If we are to have a realistic shot at attracting the best and brightest, we do need to think about the incentive structure that we put in place.

  2. Met a junior officer recently who is presently stationed in northern India and we got talking about the human resource shortages at the higher officer levels. He said that up till now the officers were coming from better off regions of the country and the foot soldiers from the backward regions. With the defence forces clueless about how to tackle the growing shortages, increasingly the top levels of the army will be made up for people from the backward regions, as will the foot soldiers. Food for thought.

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