Now, the Economist gives Aksai Chin to China

The cartographical inconsistency is systematic

In March 2008, the Economist showed Sikkim as a part of China. And now, it has given away Aksai Chin.

Map: The Economist

Its declared policy is to “use maps not to portray the world as it ought to be, or even as we would like it to be, but as it is.” If this is the case, it should explain to readers when the dispute over Aksai Chin was settled. It used to publish maps of the region showing the disputed frontiers in dotted lines and different shading. If it could draw the dotted line to indicate the disputed frontier between India and Pakistan, why didn’t it do so for the frontier between India and China.

To see the difference, here’s a map from July 2003. The Economist appears to have gone over to Beijing since then.

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6 thoughts on “Now, the Economist gives Aksai Chin to China”

  1. Nitin,

    Notice China, Country Briefing map (link). It shows Akshai Chin as part of China!

    Then notice the India, Country Briefing map (link)

    They dont sync.

    But then, accuracy, fairness hasnt really been the Economist’s hallmark, has it?

  2. The Economist can safely be called one of the worst rags in terms of content, while simultaneously being one of the best in terms of language.

  3. Nitin,

    I hope you got the Sikkim back now. The Economist is not the final authority on border dispute. They showed who controls that area. China is controlling those parts; we need to accept that.

  4. Invalid,

    You are welcome to accept what you like.

    Please read my argument carefully: I’m holding the Economist to it’s own standard, not yours or mine.

    And btw, yes, we got Sikkim back. Look at the map closely. So what does this do for your sarcasm?

  5. I am missing some areas that ought to be shaded differently because they are “controlled” by the Maoists/Naxals/Reds who do not recognize the authority of GoI. May be I am just colour blind.

    But it is good to know (finally) what Economist does – it shows who controls the area.

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