Instrument of social control

Epics out of proportion

Over at Varnam, JK has pithy on a commenter:

T.R.Ramaswami: Would you not also classify epics like the Mahabharatha and Ramayana, whose historic authencity is doubtful and also other religious texts as instruments for political and social control?

JK: No. Socialism has been used for political and social control in India. [Varnam]


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  1. I do not understand the context to Mr Ramaswami’s question. But it needs be mentioned that even JK failed to recall the most egregious instance of assault on free speech in recent times in India. Communists not only successfully hounded Taslima Nasreen out of West Bengal, but they also managed to send her out of the country altogether. Earlier, they banned her Dwikhandito in West Bengal claiming the book hurt Muslim sentiments; the Culcutta high court lifted the ban and delivered a slap on the government’s face stating that far from insulting Islam, the book upheld secular ideals.

  2. Oldtimer, As a ‘Commie’ fan it is sacrilege that I missed it. I am writing an updated piece for a newspaper and this will be in.

  3. That religion is the instrument of social control is a no-brainer. That communism is a religion needs a tiny bit more of the gray matter. Hence the communists!

  4. Ranjith,

    Thanks! My deadline is tomorrow and thanks for providing the data to reach the 1200 word limit.

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