Dear Yusuf Raza Gilani

Regarding freezing defence expenditure

Your decision to freeze Pakistan’s defence expenditure as “a show of its desire for peace with neighbours” is welcome. We even hope that you will someday be able to control that budgetary head.

You also hoped “to see a reciprocal gesture from our neighbour for the sake of peace and prosperity of the region”, which we are told is an “obvious reference to India.” While your sentiments remain worthy of praise you should have also asked your neighbours to the North and to the West to reciprocate too. It’s a pity you didn’t.

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  1. Nitin:

    You’re unusually snarky today. What happened? Fight with the missus? Anyway, good post. Pakistan’s decision to freeze its defense budget is nothing but hot air. The military will gets its funding one way or the other: from other budgets, military aid from the United States (they just took delivery of some F-16s), and the fact that the Pakistani military is also a conglomerate consisting of factories, hotels, etc. It’s funding is almost bottomless.

  2. India has responded to Pak’s magnanimity with more of its own. From today’s ToI:

    Govt hints at doubling defence expenditure

    Govt hints at doubling defence expenditure

    NEW DELHI: Notwithstanding Pakistan’s unilateral freeze on its defence spending and a request to others to follow, India on Tuesday hinted at doubling its defence expenditure as its current spend was much below the world average despite a booming economy.

    Defence minister A K Antony on Tuesday said the modernization of armed forces was one of the top most priorities of the government. “Our defence budget is just 1.99% of the GDP, which is one of the lowest in the world. The ideal situation would be 3% of GDP, which is the global average,” he added.

    Well, there you have it. Instead of trebling the mil budget to keep up with Panda games to our North, we’re merely doubling it onlee.

  3. Sud, I don’t think Fin Min would entertain that proposal. Def Min should first fully use the allocated funds before asking further.

  4. Perhaps Mr. Gilani overestimates his country’s importance vis-a-vis India’s security concerns. While Pakistan occupied the larger part of India’s security focus till now, much of India’s future military expansion will be intended at countering China, especially on the naval front. India is going for a massive expansion of its navy with a number of acquisitions including aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, destroyers, frigates, point defense SAMs and supersonic AShMs. All these are high value assets and will need a lot of money. So, India is only going to spend more and more money on defence, not less, “friendly” gestures from its deceptive long time foe notwithstanding.

  5. Dear Yusuf Raza Gilani,
    Please freeze that groping hand while you freeze the defence budget. Also nice move – turning a bug (the economy’s in the toilet) into a feature (“we’re freezing the budget”).

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