Strange stories on the LoC

Pakistani soldiers get killed…by jihadis

Last week Pakistani soldiers were killed in an air-strike by US forces in the Mohmand Agency, along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

And yesterday, four Pakistani soldiers were killed in an exchange of fire along the Line of Control in Kashmir…by jihadis, who, it is suspected, failed to cross over to the Indian side.

Allies are killing Pakistani soldiers on both sides.

2 thoughts on “Strange stories on the LoC”

  1. And you all don’t care when I keep warning you that kali-yug is upon us and all the forces of good are being set upon by the forces of evil.

    Judgment day is near, I say. Repent.

  2. The Pak troops were dressed in Indian uniforms to confuse Indian posts, perhaps. Too bad they ended up confusing their jihadi brethren more….

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