Lotus Message

Taken by surprise

Vijay Vikram writes in to inform that the June 2008 issue of Kamal Sandesh, the BJP’s house magazine has reprinted the op-ed that I wrote for Mail Today (based on this post).

While it is good to know that Kamal Sandesh‘s editors found the article worthy of dissemination, it must be put on record that this was done without asking for or receiving my consent. (Content on this blog is published under Creative Commons Attribution license, so prior permission is not required. Also, they might have an arrangement with Mail Today.)

14 thoughts on “Lotus Message”

  1. Your posts are now no longer immune to ad hominem attacks as you are now a Hindutva fascist. 😀

  2. I hope this does not affect your professional career. You should be thankful that it happened in the waning days of Congress administration when the ‘secular’ types are hobbled by their all-round failure.

  3. Rumor has it that the BJP is discrediting ideological adversaries by printing their articles in its in-house magazines….

    /Sarc off

    Congratulations, Nitin.

    That there’s a feedback channels open to mainstream political parties from the blogosphere is heartening indeed.

  4. In the end, it is all about impact Nitin. All this thinking and writing is worth its time only if it changes anything. Else it is merely intellectual masturbation.


  5. Sud, Manu,

    It would be presumptive of me to speak on behalf of Mr Pai but I suspect he may not be that pleased…

  6. Manu

    All this thinking and writing is worth its time only if it changes anything. Else it is merely intellectual masturbation.

    No, it’s actually intellectual intercourse.

  7. If it is of any comfort to you, here’s George Orwell: “I once wrote an article for a vegetarian magazine. Does that make me a vegetarian?”

  8. Manu, Sud I agree with you. All this thinking and writing is only worth anything if it penetrates the mainstream. Also, Pragati and the INI community were mentioned at the end of the article in acknowledgement: any publicity is good publicity.

    I’m sure this op-ed doesen’t make Nitin Pai a “vegetarian” as Amole puts it, but here’s a BJP National Executive Document on Foreign Policy that’s worth a skim: http://www.bjp.org/Press/june_2008/june_0208_p.htm

    I’m just happy with my name in print 🙂

  9. The magazine does state that the article is courtesy Mail Today. Depending on what kind of arrangement you have with Mail Today, they might not have been obliged to take your permission. Congrats anyway.

  10. “but I suspect he may not be that pleased…”

    Really, Nitin? Why would that be? Can’t have intercourse with…whatever BJP is? I don’t suppose they changed what you had to say.

    Manu, and not every action of pleasure need to produce an offspring 🙂

  11. “No, it’s actually intellectual intercourse.”

    My bad. I forgot that we often have conversations in The Acorn’s comments section 🙂

    My dream for INI would be to see it evolve in 10 years into a real think tank. Funded by Indian Philanthropists and hopefully, producing the strategic thinkers missing in India and Indian politics. Kamal Sandesh reprint, ‘hello zurich’ are but baby steps in gaining that kind of relevance.

    If by a freak chance, I am rich enough, I will surely fund it 😀

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