Manekshaw and the boy

He outdrank, outfought and outlived his adversaries

The little boy was very impressed when told that in that little town lived Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. He lived close enough, but the boy never got a chance to meet him.

Some years later, the little older boy found that he was just a little too young to be in the guard of honour parade. The chief guest, of course, was Field Marshal Manekshaw. The boy never got a chance to meet him.

Field Marshal Manekshaw outdrank, outfought and outlived his adversaries. He received his final movement orders last night.

The boy never got a chance to meet him.

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  1. My dad once had the good fortune of meeting him, many years ago, while browsing for second hand books at Fountain in Mumbai. Not too many people recognized him there. When he came home and told us this, I wished I was there too.
    RIP, Sam…

  2. And the boy grew up to write some of the finest opinions on Indian foreign policy. Sam Bahadur would have been proud.

  3. My closest encounter with him was when I passed by his villa on the Coonoor- Kothagiri road. 🙂

    While on the subject of outdrinking the rest, here’s a little anecdote that Bachi Karkaria reports in Times of India:

    “Why did you call your daughter Sherry?” we asked.

    “I did, but I didn’t tell her to marry a chap called Batliwala, and name their daughter Brandy!” Still poker-faced, he continued, “my other daughter, Maja, married a Daruwala.”

  4. And Churumuri reports that the entire military and political leadership of this country failed to turn up at the Field Marshal’s funeral.

  5. It’s quite telling that no highly ranking personnel from the Central Govt (read, PM, Defence Minister, etc) attended his funeral. The state govt. too, gave it a cold shoulder. Pretty sad!!

  6. Yes the Govt did not pay proper respect the the Greatest soldier of the country. Atleast our Defence Minister Mr. AK Antony should have attended as Mr Antony always projects himself sincere and a man of principles. We all thought he with the other two service chiefs would attend the funeral.

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