Fethullah who?

Of popularity contests and public intellectuals

Foreign Policy magazine, Rohit Pradhan alerts us, has published the results of their poll to find the top 100 public intellectuals.

And on top of that heap is Fethullah Gülen. Now that we know that he is the top public intellectual, we might perhaps get to know a little bit more about his intellectualism. Wikipedia tells us that he is Turkish, the head of the Gülen movement, a modernist Islamic scholar, author of 60 books and never married.

Second on the list is Bangladesh’s very own Mohammad Yunus, he of the Grameen Bank fame. But public intellectual? Hmm. Next come Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Orhan Pamuk, Aitzaz Ahsan, Amr Khaled, Abdolkarim Soroush, Tariq Ramadan, Mahmood Mamdani, Shirin Ebadi. Hey, why are the top ten public intellectuals representatives of moderate Islam?

8 thoughts on “Fethullah who?”

  1. Lee Kuan Yew is ONLY No. 74?? There’s definitely something wrong with this list.

  2. Moderate? All of them? Lets not be too sure…But something is surely wrong with this study…

  3. Ramachandra Guha is at number 44 better than Lee Kuan Yew. India is indeed fortunate.

  4. I know!

    Someone out there wasn’t paying attention when they were teaching ascending and descending order in second standard (second grade, to be more precise). All you have to do is to read from 100 backwards and it makes more sense.

    I like Ian Buruma, as it were.

  5. Fethullah Gulen is only an illiterate cult leader (is not even a primary school graduate but he graduates from primary school taking exams from outside ?!!!) waiting to return to Turkey at the proper time if secular western modern Turks lose the battle against these islamist fanatics one day, just like Homeyni of Iran.

    While he can’t even speak proper educated Turkish, how can he read, and write and speak in English is my personal question. Chech the google videos of Fethullah Gulen in his own ugly fanatic words-but unfortunately all only in Turkish!

    Whatever he says, or writes or preaches to the west is very different from his/their original ideas and are all lies becase the videos at you tube and google in turkish, in his own native mother tongue tell all the turth about this fanatic illiterate cult leader and their fanatic sharia dreams. Ask any secular modern Turkish people and they will tell you the truth about him and his cult and their fanatic sheria dreams for Turkey. Turks are going to be the next Iran if he and his followers succeed!

    So he may call himself even Einstein of moslem world and/or Turkey. By the way what makes you believe he is what he says he is because the most prominent characteristics of these fanatic Islamist are “takiyye” which means you may lie whenever it serves your own purpose!

    So how does this happen ??? An intellectual??? Please get real and think about it!

  6. Hey Remy… How do you know so much about Gulen and his ideas? There is something wrong with your post that you only give your comments and so called seculars of Turkey. And one question for you.. What do you think about the intellectuals, academicians and scientists who follow Gulen’s ideas which preaches only peace not fanaticism? Many distinguished scholars from US and UK universities gives positive comments on Gulen. just go to google and youtube for that as you do. These comments are even in English :). Dont worry Turkey can never be Iran but surely will be a country where all the faiths are respected in their field.
    Yes He is an intellectual. accepted by many professors. Do you think only the university graduates can be intellectuals? Just google or youtube (as u regularly do) to see who Einstein and other genius people are….

    With peace…

  7. Please read this long article and see the truth about this deeply dangerously islamist imam! Also he is not a danger only for Turkey but has really big Islamist ambitions for the whole world that he would never admit!

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