Framing the Pakistani army’s problem

Saving those who have crossed over

Khaled Ahmed puts it very well:

Today an army built to face India is being asked to retrieve territory lost to the terrorists. Trying to reclaim lost terrain is like invading your own people, but the additional handicap imposed on the army is that it is being sent in without political support. Meanwhile, the anarchists have discovered that when they kill non-Muslims in the West they inspire fear and loathing, but when they kill Muslims in Pakistan it leads to conversion. The army has the impossible task of saving a country of converts to the cause of the enemy. [DT]

2 thoughts on “Framing the Pakistani army’s problem”

  1. Seems like Papistan just ordered ‘Just Desserts’ on the menu.

    And its being brought up, with arrears in double quick time.

  2. Sud: Seems like Papistan just ordered ‘Just Desserts’ on the menu.

    I share that sentiment. This itch has been begging a scratch for decades.
    The problem is deeper than Khaled Ahmed admits in this article, though. He’s not describing just a military issue. Their civil society is at war with itself – and the army in a no-win situation. Guess that’s what happens when you bait and switch: first form a state based on religion; then attempt that Houdini-esque transition to a secular democracy. The fundamentalists quite rightly question the need for a separate secular democracy, when India already existed for that unholy purpose.

    Gotta give Pakistan this much though – it’s an exciting place to be. In India, we’re worried about trite, abstract stuff like inflation and Nuclear 1-2-3. Where else in the world do you get an existential threat every quarter – like Indiana Jones on steroids. And we have front-seats to this horror movie 🙂

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