Historical mistakes

And the dangers of staying in schools

Today’s dose of excellent writing comes from Varnam, where JK argues that “we cannot live without historians and our choice is not between Orientalists, Marxists or Nationalists, but between good historians and bad ones.”

“…when you apply Marxist historiography, with the theme of of social class and economic constraints in determining historical outcomes, on the Asokan empire, the results are ridiculous, but in India that passes off as serious research.” [Varnam]

Now, we don’t know what he will react, but JK is calling for all historians to go to the scientific school (note the use of the lower case).

2 thoughts on “Historical mistakes”

  1. Varnam is a high signal – low noise blog. Back in 2006 or so I recommended it for the Indian blogosphere awards, but didn’t win. 🙂

  2. Nitin As always, muchos gracias. I think it was you who sent me that link.

    Oldtimer: If I had the support of an unnamed ‘industrial house’ and a high ranking Samajwadi leader, I would have won the blogosphere awards.

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