Web server woes

We get knocked down, but we’re up again…

The web server on which The Indian National Interest blogs and publications are hosted was down for over 12 hours between August 13th and August 14th. Our current hosting provider informs us that this was due to “one of the hard drives on a shared hosting server (being) corrupted.”

Well, we are up and running now. Life resumes.

7 thoughts on “Web server woes”

  1. You should have either a low-bandwidth mirrored server if possible or another blog to make administrative announcements. People would like to know if the site crashed or was hacked. 🙂

  2. I thought it musta been some loyal kangi paper-pushin chaprasi that the national interest wallahs finally managed to piss off =) *phew* good to have you guys back!

  3. Let this be a warning to all and sundry – Uber Commando Mushy is not going to go quietly.

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