Weekday Squib: Baldev Haeussler Singh’s proposal

…to Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf

At first glance, it appeared that Baldev Haeussler Singh might have been a distant member of the Pandey family. But our ever resourceful research assistant has found that the good Mr Singh is a documentary film-maker, originally from Mandi Dabwali in Punjab-Haryana, but settled in Germany since 1989. So in the unlikely event of there being two persons with the same name, this must be the person who—brace yourself!—offered Mr Musharraf “350 acres of cultivated lands, well-bred horses, a bungalow and a luxury vehicle”, presumably in Punjab.

That’s because Mr Musharraf is a person of Indian origin and “although the Pakistani politicians did not hold Musharraf in high esteem, he is popular in India and that all Indians love him because of his straightforward foreign policy.”

Nice one, Mr Singh. No one, not the Americans, not the British, not the Turks and not even the Saudis thought of including well-bred horses into the package. He should have mentioned that the package includes free electricity courtesy of the Indian government.

6 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: Baldev Haeussler Singh’s proposal”

  1. It might not be a bad idea. Mushy would know useful things about useful people.

  2. Agree with NRA.

    Mushy prolly can spill beans and has-beens on every high-ranking mole and Paki asset in India an abroad.

    Heck, Mush prolly knws all abt how many N-bums Pak really has, what state they are in, who really controls the N-button such as it is and where all they are kept hidden and moved.

    Mush would also know a thing or two about Indian jihadi assets as well as US intelligence operations based outta Pak against all of Pak’s neighbours.

    Mush in return can be treated and toasted to the finest wine and dine, lecture-circuitry and televised press conferences, bollywood parties and what not. Just some debriefing sessions required in return, only….

  3. Yes, we should not only give him his indian citizenship back, we should make him the next prime minister..

  4. Wont be surprised if Halliburton or some such has already offered him a VP position in its consulting arm if it has one….

  5. given mush’s penchant for horse-trading Herr BH Singh made the right “indecent proposal” 🙂

    by the way please add the RSS thingie to your website so I can subscribe to your blog and get updates on my Google reader without having to “hit on” your blog daily hoping for a new post …

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