And Italy should mind its own business

Indian Christians are Indians.

Italy’s Foreign Ministry, the Indian Express reports, “will summon India’s ambassador to demand ‘incisive action’ to prevent further attacks against Christians that have left 11 people dead in India so far, the government said on Thursday.” They even want the European Union to take up the matter.

Italy has no right to demand anything. It may be within its rights to express selective, biased, communal concern over the killings of one particular religious community in India, but “demand”? Well, the Indian ambassador in Rome could perhaps task his lieutenants to look up the English-Diplomatese dictionary for the equivalent of “stuff it”. Preferably, pleasantly. He could, if he would like to permit himself a moment of indiscretion, point out that Italy itself is hardly a safe place for Christian monks.

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13 thoughts on “And Italy should mind its own business”

  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Just the other day the Economist had an article, condemning riots by Italian youth who, it seems, have made a hobby of looting immigrant owned small businesses and violently attacking the Indian origin Roma [AKA Gypsies] people.

    Despite living in Europe for nearly a thousand years, the Roma remain the poorest community in Italy, mainly due to systemic discrimination by the state and the racist public.

    Now how do you say, “Arundhati Roy, you are needed in Italy”, in Italian.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t madam from Italy? If it is fine by a pretty significant number of Indians to be ruled by an Italian expatriate, I think that some Indians will have no problems being lectured by an Italian politician. This set must include the Indian ambassador to Italy. He (I assume it is a he) serves at the pleasure of the Italian madam who is the boss of the Blue Turban who does all the clerical work of appointing ambassadors. So the Indian ambassador in Italy will probably bend his knees, bow his head and say, “jee huzoor, jee huzoor” or its equivalent in Italian. Then he slowly retreat while still on his knees without turning his back to the Italian foreign minister.

    If he did anything else, he would be fired by the Italian in New Delhi. Even the BT cannot disobey the Italian; the Indian ambassador in Italy is a puppet’s puppet.

  3. >> Indian Christians are Indians.

    well, apparently the proselytizers aren’t.

    And notice the alacrity with which Manmohan Singh responds to the distress calls of the proselytizers and his complete silence on Jammu. National Shame, huh?

    Further, how is the civil society allowing the missionaries to use school children in their protests?

  4. The Indian government needs to call Italy ambassador over and request him to stop funding the murder of Hindu leaders in India.

  5. Indian Christians are Indians.

    As an Indian Christian, cannot agree more.

    And Italy should mind its own business

    Agree. Guess this is “Old Europe’s” new method of raps on the knuckles. This is what happens when you grow old, weak, and outsource your wars: you crab about issues that have no relevance to you; and usually get ignored by whoever you crab about because of your increasing irrelevance.

  6. By the way, the woman who was allegedly burned down was actually a Hindu, the BBC reports. Our media jumped the gun and reported it was a Christian nun or something. I haven’t seen any correction so far. Objective journalism you know!

  7. > the woman who was allegedly burned down was actually a Hindu

    that makes it better in your eyes? worse? or what is it?

    she was a woman, isnt that not enough?

  8. @Aikath,

    Exactly. Isn’t it enough that a woman is burnt? Does it really have to be a Christian before the Italians intervene? Now, let’s see how many times the Italians were concerned about non-Christian women burning in India…err..err..err..err…none at all.

  9. “Exactly. Isn’t it enough that a woman is burnt?”

    How many women are burnt every year in India? What made it special about this woman that the secular media went to town with her burning? Clearly, her being woman wasn’t enough for the media.

  10. Country has gone to dogs. The P-Sec media is hell bent on systematically promoting only the Minority interests. Adding to it the so called Prime Minister of India who was tongue tied when the Swami Lakshmanananda’s murder news flashed out is so prompt to announce that the backlash of Hindu’s over the outrageous atrocity committed by Christians is a “National Shame”. What else can you expect out of a puppet?

    With such a spineless, integrityless person at the helm what else can you expect than to have each Tom, Dick & Harry to dictate terms to India and its officials – Sreeni

  11. “How many women are burnt every year in India? What made it special about this woman that the secular media went to town with her burning? Clearly, her being woman wasn’t enough for the media.”

    It is a valid point. In some futuristic world that is how we should be identified, as individuals, not by some social markers (I wonder how that world would be like… maybe we would have rationalised ourselves out of existence. I digress)

    However, it is also a fact that the burning of a female was not merely because it was probably easy for marauding mobs to do it, but also the reason why she needed to be murdered. Because she belonged to a particular community. I don’t see the problem with that being reported.

    If an Indian woman is racially attacked in New Jersey for sporting a bindi, the context of the crime has to be reported.

    Are we descending into demands of filtering what media can or cannot report?

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