Pragati September 2008: Kashmir concerns us

Issue Contents


Don’t fall for crowd power
India has seen off secessionism before
K Subrahmanyam

No more partitions please, we’re Indians
A united India is the best hope for all its people
Rohit Pradhan, Shashi Shekhar & Sushant K Singh

Liberal solutions
Adopting truly liberal solutions can save Kashmir—and the concept of India itself
Harsh Gupta

Dealing with the Taliban insurgency
Pakistan is yet to evolve a cohesive strategy for its tribal areas
Ayesha Saeed

Shaping the neighbourhood
A discussion on strategic affairs with C Raja Mohan
Nitin Pai

Reforming land acquisition
Frameworks for acquiring land and rehabilitating affected people
M R Madhavan

Pope Gregory VII, Singur and morality
Stealing private property is wrong, even when the state does it
Vipin Veetil

Retail in doldrums
A veritable job-machine is being prevented from starting
Prashant Kumar Singh

More to microfinance than moneylending
A sceptic’s defence of microfinance
Aadisht Khanna

A very brief Kalam
The insubstantial memoirs of a presidential secretary
Samanth Subramanian