Kill the invaders

Say the corps commanders of the Pakistani army?

Bruce Loudon of The Australian reports that the Pakistani army’s corps commanders have ordered their troops to retaliate against US troops crossing over into their territory.

What amounts to a dramatic order to “kill the invaders”, as one senior officer put it last night, was disclosed after the commanders—who control the army’s deployments at divisional level—met at their headquarters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi under the chairmanship of army chief and former ISI spy agency boss Ashfaq Kayani.[The Australian]

That is something if at all it is true. No other major news sources are reporting this, and there is no official announcement to this effect. So the dramatic order might have been intended for purposes of drama. In any case, these orders are not too useful against Predator strikes.

But it will be interesting to see what happens the next time US special forces conduct a raid into Pakistani territory.

5 thoughts on “Kill the invaders”

  1. Yawn.

    Papistan making grandiose statements, that it has neither will not ability to act upon, for the benefit of its domestic audience (that includes ’em talibunnies, assorted jihadi groups as well, and all ranks in an army that’s almost one-third Pushtun).

    How convinced the Papis are (apart from how convincing they are) remains to be seen.

    From being an ally and a useful lever against certain unpredictable powers (read India), Papistan has today become the primary obstacle to peace and stability in the resource-rich Central Asian region. A Talibunny voictory in Afghanistan threatens everyone from Russia (that fears jihad exported into the CARs), to America (‘the next 9/11’) to China (‘keep off xinjiang!’) to shia Iran (‘recall the massacre of shia hazaras in central and western Afgan;stan by the Talibunnies in the late 90s’). The great powers have little use for Papistan (its ability to constrain India has been on the decline for a while now) and great use for the CARs.

    Papistan has been in slow implosion stage for a long time now, never quite getting to be pronounced dead, yet. I can only hope, I’ll see Papistan’s demise (‘pronounced dead’) in my lifetime (thats another few decades, if all goes well). India’s play should be to grab for the Northern Areas and the land route to the CARs. The kashmir azadi ruckus will die a natural death with Papistan’s passing, I reckon.

  2. @Sud

    Do you normally make such oracular pronouncements? And please, those references to ‘Papistan’ etc are best left to the appropriate forums (pun intentional).

  3. Udayan,

    ‘ocular pronouncements’?

    ”Jocular denouncements’ is how I see it, actually.

    JFYI, am an aam aadmi observer trying to make sense of a flurry of activity in a chaotic world; willing to learn what I don’t know, update what I used to know and correct myself where I’m mistaken. Any debate from that POV would be awesome, actually.

    But instead, what you seem to offer is in this vein:
    And please, those references to ‘Papistan’ etc are best left to the appropriate forums (pun intentional).

    I’m like “Whoa! Where’s this coming from?”

    1. The ‘Papistan’ reference is unambiguous (as in, refers to PaKistan, clearly) and uncontroversial (as in well-deserved, in PaKistan’s case) espacially from an Indian National Interest perspective. IMVHO, of course.

    2. If its the propriety and decorum of this forum you’re worried about, then your gratuitous advice is rich, after you went about cussing about ‘suspected farting by BBC correspondents’ in the other thread here. Funny (or should I say, ‘punny’?) how that works, eh?

    3. I got no beef with you (AFAIK, at least). So what’s with all the sneer-jeer sniping and pun-dropping, sir? Again, no offense (or pun) intended, but what’s your problem exactly?

    JMTPs and all that.
    /You don’t have to respond, dude. I can understand if you simply have to, though.

    Good bye, good luck and have a nice day.

  4. Sud, Udayan: Not to be a peacenik here – I enjoy both your POVs. Let’s keep them coming – unfiltered.

    On topic: be interesting to see if the Pak Army really means it. Would be a dramatic escalation.

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