10 thoughts on “New Delhi attacked by terrorists”

  1. The bloody BBC takes its skepticism to new depths by saying:

    Five suspected bomb blasts have been reported within minutes of each other in markets in India’s capital, Delhi. (here)

    WTF does the BBC thinks causes serial blasts? Suspected gas cylinders or suspected farting by suspected British suspected correspondents?

  2. Good news. Our Home Minister is promising stringent punishment to blast culprits. Here’s a man who discharges his duty promptly every time terrorists strike. What more can a citizen ask for?


    Home Minister Shivraj Patil tonight warned of “stringent punishment” to those behind the serial blasts in the national capital and appealed to people to unitedly thwart their nefarious designs.

    Patil, who reviewed the situation soon after the blasts which claimed several lives, said the need of the hour was to ensure that their aims did not succeed and the situation was not allowed to deteriorate.

    He appealed to the people to check rumour mongering and act with courage so that social harmony was not disturbed.

    While condemning the blasts, he expressed sympathies with the families of those killed and prayed for speedy recovery of the injured.

    Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit and senior police officials were present at the review meeting.

    Patil said the fact that the blasts took place in crowded markets on a Saturday indicated the evil intention of the culprits to cause maximum casualties and damage.

    He said anti-national elements have been trying to disturb peace and create panic among the people in various parts of the country.

    “The government will continue to deal firmly with such elements,” he said, adding that he was confident that security agencies will soon be able to get to the bottom of these incidents and the culprits will be brought to book.

  3. The terrrists are in trouble now. previously shivraj had only called them coward, but now he’s actually warning them. they must be wetting their pants.

    sometimes i think we must deserve it as a nation and ppl.

    i hope the victims and their families find peace and speedy recovery.

  4. Its election time. He has to say something. They got all the Muslim and Christian votes secured. It wont be too bad to harvest some Hindu votes as well.

    “The government will continue to deal firmly with such elements

    When did they ever do that?

  5. Don’t know how many of you noticed but both the BBC and the Washington Post reports have no mention of the word “terrorist”.


  6. Shivraj Patil said “Culprits will be punished to the fullest extent of the law” or something to that effect. Well, how about starting with Mohd Afzal then?

    Seriously, Shivraj Patil’s bust will go up in parliament as the best HM India’s best HM ever. In the Porkistani parliament, that is.

    Am sure media channels are already brushing up old commentary for rehash on ‘how bravely and proudly xyz city got back to normal after the blasts’ etc.

  7. If India’s Home Robot exhibits such limited vocabulary, repeating his refrain about “dealing firmly” with anti-national elements, culprits, miscreants, etc. ad infinitum, why blame the Washington Post and the BBC for not calling the terrorists terrorists?

    With the I-word, the M-word, and now the T-word being taboo, how about reporting on these killing sprees as perpetrated by anachronistic, inhuman, misogynistic, barbaric, mad men (and sometimes women, too) in the name of their god, religion, and book?

    Nah, Islamic terrorism is better.

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