London undiplomatese

With ambassadors like these…

Today’s cake goes to Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan’s recently ‘re-appointed’ high commissioner to the United Kingdom. Complaining about American raids against al-Qaeda and Taliban safe havens in Pakistani territory he said:

“This will infuriate Muslims in this country and make the streets of London less safe,” he said. “There are 1m Pakistanis in the diaspora here and resentment is mounting. I’m being flooded by text messages from community leaders saying we must organise our anger.

“The Americans’ trigger-happy actions will radicalise young Muslims. They’re playing into the hands of the very militants we’re supposed to be fighting.” [Times]

Thus Mr Hasan joins the ranks of those warning Britain of dire consequences (linkthanks Swami Iyer).

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  1. Britain needs to give him a rap on the head, for the Pakistanis in UK are British citizens now and only Paki with respect to their origin.

  2. Britain has already caved, there was a report in today’s ToI i think of Sharia courts now being fully operational in the UK; they have now become the de facto mechanism for solving mohammedan disputes.

    Inglistan, here we come.

  3. Here is the story of UK’s capitulation. I must admit that I am shocked to learn this.

    “ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.

    The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.

    Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court.”

  4. The conclusion is inescapable: all muslims are coalescing as the ummah, who respect and pay allegiance only to islam, not to their state.

    A similar tide is showing up among christians, who are increasingly placing religion above the state (the US is just one example).

    Where does that leave the idea of india which puts the state above religion?
    Where does that leave Hindus?

  5. Londonistan zindabad! Welcome to Urabia. Down on your knees, kuffar bitch.

    On a more sober note, it is well to remember that civilizations are not killed — they commit suicide. The British are apparently tired of living and are committing suicide.

  6. Serves Britain right.

    Their Ambassador to India (or is it High commisionar?) was openly meeting with the likes of Geelani and the Hurriyat chappies in Srinagar before and during the Jammu agitation – a clear case of providing (even if false) succor and hope to separatist elements in democratic-pluralistic-secular India. Why’s he’s still not persona-non-grata in Dilli remains unclear.

    Besides, Britain’s mountain of bad karma in their past actions on the Hindu-muslim front in the subcontinent might just eke out some interest here and there, now and then. Worthies like Churchill openly backed the Jinnahites dropping croc tears for the fate of muslims in a united India etc, Brit troops manipulated to have Gilgit remain out of Delhi’s reach, and the list goes on.

    But all said and done, it will be interesting to watch how Britain is able to handle its 5% problem minority before hectoring India on human rights, caste/religious discrimination and the like.

    Again, JMTs and all that.

  7. Sharia courts in the U.K.:

    We can’t expect that a trillion dollar per year wealth transfer to the OPEC from the rest of the world will go without any social consequence, can we?

    If Britain were to sanction the switch from Tort to Sharia for the Muslims, how long before India, that already has a distinct civil code for them, switch to Sharia for criminal code, too?

    O.T., Nitin, you didn’t include this in the anti-terrorism manifesto. Give the Islamists Sharia for all, and they will – eh, may – cease and desist, and everyone will be dead.

  8. The Rational Fool asks, “how long before India, that already has a distinct civil code for them, switch to Sharia for criminal code, too?”

    I cannot think of a better outcome than the imposition of sharia on muslims as the criminal code. The point is that too often people are allowed the freedom to choose and pick from the system. The best way to get someone to stop behaving stupidly is to not shield them from the effects of their stupidity. If a person voluntarily wants to be governed by sharia, see that they suffer to the fullest extent from it. Soon enough, people will realize that it is an inhumane, beastly, regressive, sexist and uncivilized code.

    The Iranians are waking up to that fact.

  9. @udayan: Whatever they(British citizens of Pak origin) may feel, a rap is due nonetheless, if only for the sake of protocol. Those were some pretty strong words, coming from a High Commissioner.

    Frankly, I think such actions are just one of the ways through which Pakis will be attempting to reduce the pressure of more cross-border raids from Afghanistan by the Americans.

  10. “We can’t expect that a trillion dollar per year wealth transfer to the OPEC from the rest of the world will go without any social consequence, can we?”

    True. But the trillion dollar question is, how do we stop it?
    One way would have been to support Bush’s bold Iraq initiative. It’s still not too late.

  11. @Atanu,
    “The Iranians are waking up to that fact.”
    very interesting! First time I am reading about this development. Any sources you can point me too that show some anecdotal evidence on this?

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