Shoot the invaders

Pakistani troops fire at US helicopters

Bruce Loudon might have gotten it right. Because wire services are reporting that Pakistani troops fired at a heliborne US raiding party near Angoor Adda, South Waziristan (or, if you prefer the ISPR spin, the Pakistani soldiers sounded their bugles to alert the tribesmen who then fired at the Americans). (linkthanks Swami Iyer)

What should you make of this? Well, since no one actually got hurt, it is hard to completely dismiss the possibility that this is the action sequence in a drama, the kind the local audience love. But then again, other audiences might not love it all that much.

But if it is for real—and the bugle and tribesman story suggests that it might be—then we are living in interesting times.

Update: The Pentagon denies that there was even such a raid, less that it was fired upon.

5 thoughts on “Shoot the invaders”

  1. Was it the Pak Army that fired or the pushtun dominated Frontier (rentier) constabulary? The difference is important in that the FC operates ot so much on Islamabad’s orders as on fear due to Taliban edicts. If Islamabad is calculating that some fireworks for show should keep its rabid domestic constituencies happy, good for them. The FC may not even be in their complete control any longer. What they (FC) do would be viewed as offical Pak state policy, though.

  2. I think this is a key development…coupled with Obama’s statement of going after terrorists in Pakistan if the Pakistani security apparatus does not, this might pretty much be THE story in 2009. Pakistan will not survive a hot war amongst the US and pro-Taliban forces in its territory…

  3. libertarian,

    No joke. In any case it is always tribesmen or mujahideen or suchlike that always do the firing. Pakistan Army? Perish the thought.

  4. “Angoor Adda” sounds like a neighborhood where Pakistani men go to unwind, after a day spent fighting big satan’s army, and drink a glass of wine [non-alcoholic of course] in the “company” of boys.

    BTW, The grapevine, ahem, has it that the fearsome tribal men who would kill you for looking at them askance have a soft spot for their own gender’s younger, ahem, members.
    Only a soft spot and nothing else. So please don’t go about reading meaning into my statement. Not that there is anything wrong with not having just a soft spot.
    We are all God’s children.

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