The Zardari dilemma

Balancing the pushes

If Asif Zardari doesn’t push back against the Americans, Cyril Almeida, a columnist at Dawn argues, he will be “pushed out by the army.”

What Mr Almeida doesn’t consider, and what must be weighing on President Zardari’s mind, are the implications of pushing back against the Americans.

The Americans won’t merely push. They’ll shove.

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  1. Information in the public domain indicates that the Pakistan government is financially soluble thanks to the Americans and the Saudis. Does anyone know the split between the two?

    If the Americans decide that their money is all of a sudden dearer and cut down (partially or completely) on the ‘aid’ they’re giving Pakistan, how long before the Pakistani economy goes splat?

  2. Isnt there a limit to which the Americans can push or shove a state with nuclear weapons?

  3. :))

    Loved that last time. Totally.

    @NRA above:
    Not quite – esply if those weapons cant reach ya. And especially not if you hold their purse strings.

  4. NRA,

    Not when those nukes don’t directly threaten the US.

    IMO, post 9-11, the major concession Mushy made to Armitage wasn’t a U turn on the taliban (that would’ve happened anyway under ‘regular’ US pressure) but rather giving up sole control over Packee N-bums (took the ‘bomb ya back to ’em stone ages’ kinda shove to get this thing done). Also, what are the odds AQ Khan was never granted access to by Pak for the Americans?

    Admittedly, mere speculation on my part onlee.

  5. he will be “pushed out by the army.”

    And then what? The Army will push back?
    I don’t think so.

  6. “Isnt there a limit to which the Americans can push or shove a state with nuclear weapons?”

    Maybe the nukes have been compromised in someway?

  7. The Americans won’t merely push. They’ll shove.

    Agree. The stakes are high. With Wall Street in turmoil the US cannot afford another terrorist attack on its soil.

    There seems to be a pattern targeting the ISI: Narayanan first; NYT “leaks”; Bush to Gilani; indicting Kayani (ex-ISI) on the Kabul embassy bombing; Boucher yesterday. Could it be that the US+India (+Israel?) axis is really serious about clipping these guys’ wings?

  8. Shaunak: If the Americans decide that their money is all of a sudden dearer and cut down (partially or completely) on the ‘aid’ they’re giving Pakistan, how long before the Pakistani economy goes splat?

    Likely 2-4 months. Hypothetical scenario though. While the dole _is_ a lot of money for Pakistan, it’s chump-change compared to the cost of US military deployments in Afghanistan or Iraq. Essentially outsourcing the Afghan war on the eastern front on the cheap. Problem is that outsourcing is not working well at all. Bringing that problem “in-house” amounts to an invasion of FATA – not an option given the Pak Army stand. So the US is stuck with reluctantly doling out cash to the duplicitous Pak army to retain what muddled leverage they have. The cost of losing that leverage is evident with the way the US has to deal with Iran.

  9. Libertarian – “Could it be that the US+India (+Israel?) axis is really serious about clipping these guys’ wings?”

    From your lips to Jehovah’s ears.

  10. @Everyone-Who -Replied:
    So if Paki nukes are not a problem now, why has US been going gaga over them in the last few years? Paki nukes have never had the capability of reaching US. What has changed now that US is not afraid of pushing and shoving? US elections? Zardari’s presidency? Compromised control of Paki nukes?

    Even if its all three, I hope he and US do realize that there is a line that Pak army wont allow to be crossed. Does that mean Pak Army is now tame enough to not push back against US? Perhaps, its business interests are now so dependent on American monies that its hard for it to let go of the greed.

    and no, firing on American raiding parties is not that line because Pak Army has enough deniability about it, what with tribes and villagers carrying enough weapons in those areas.

    Regarding the economic angle, here are two interesting figures on Pakistan:

  11. I’m guessing what the Americans are most worried about in Paki N bums is jihadi detonated suitcase bums, IMO. Even if the US has neutered KNOWN packee nukes using some joint control mechanism or compromised delivery systems, there’s no saying whether china hasn’t passed on a few new babies to populate the empty packee N cupboard.

    Again, having Pak collapse isn’t very difficult for the US to do, its just that they haven’t made up their mind on it yet. There’re strong Pak linkages in the Pentagon and the CIA going back to the 80s heydays. That generation of cold warriors will pass on. After that, the deluge.

  12. Libertarian: “Could it be that the US+India (+Israel?) axis is really serious about clipping these guys’ wings?”

    Unlikely. The first item on Israel’s wing-clipping agenda will be Iran since Iran is much more of an existential threat to it. If push does come to shove, the US and Israel would prefer to deal with Iran first and then, after the radioactive dust settles down, to swat Pakistan.

    Besides, selling an attack on Iran to the American people would be comparatively easier for the US government than selling an attack on “an ally” – Pakistan.

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