The mujrahideen strike

Ram Vilas Paswan edition

Ram Vilas Paswan, a cabinet minister in the UPA government, “sought to know how and why the term, “mujahideen,” was bandied around since this tarnished the image of a particular community.”

It is a good question. Perhaps he should ask those buffoons with bad English who call themselves “Indian Mujahideen” and think that setting off loud firecrackers at unpredictable times and killing people is somehow a good way to burnish the image of a particular community.

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  1. Yes, such questions are funny because its not us who call them that. They themselves want to be identified as such otherwise they could’ve just gone on and called themselves something on the lines of “Amigos from Azamgarh”, etc.

  2. Nitin, you did not understand Paswan’s point. The following should help clarify.

    The Maulanas have challenged members of the Indian Mujahideen to come ahead and justify their actions or else “it will be surmised that they are non-persons and nothing but figment of the Sangh Parivar’s unscrupulous imagination” (link)

  3. @ot,

    You mean like there is no evidence that 9/11 was an Al Qaeda job, and that those 3000 Jews all stayed away from their downtown Manhattan offices?

  4. You are right. It’s a gigantic Zionist – Sangh Parivar conspiracy. In fact, in another version of the report I qupted above, Maulanas themselves allude to the fact that Indian Muslims are coming under attack from the combined forces of Sangh Parivar, CIA and Mossad.

  5. But according to saffronistas India and hinduism is under attack from Marx, Mullah and Missionary and thier ‘pseudo-secular’ hordes

  6. Ot,
    The way you guys are justifying, shielding & sympathizing with the jihadi snakes, is disgusting, & shall one day prove to be you people’s nemesis, the oft called Qayamat or whatever dooms day paranoia. As if we are actually so stupid as you blood thirsty morons take us to be.

  7. Aam Insaan:

    Look up the word “sarcasm”, please.


    Ram Vilas Paswan was not appointed by divine decree. The much celebrated wise voter of some place elected him as their representative in this much celebrated “democracy”. Many others cast their votes in support of the Italian-led Congress party, and many parties also elected “democratically” supported the UPA and hence we have Mr Paswan as an honorable minister. That he is a stupid cretin does speak volumes about the stupidity of the people whose support he enjoys.


  8. I’d like to know why the name “Ram Vilas Paswan” is being bandied around as it tarnishes the image of a particular incarnation of Vishnu, his place of residence and a community.

  9. The Maulanas have challenged members of the Indian Mujahideen to come ahead and justify their actions or else “it will be surmised that they are non-persons and nothing but figment of the Sangh Parivar’s unscrupulous imagination”

    The respected Maulanas are right in claiming that, if those “Indian Mujahadeen” don’t come forth and appear on NDTV, then they are not real.

    Otoh, If USA is the big satan, and Israel is the small Satan, what is India?

  10. Aam Insaan, by a strange coincidence, a while ago I got very thirsty after a swim and partook of something that looked kinda like blood. The relatively inexpensive Sula blush zinfandel tastes good even at the not-recommended root temperature. I heartily recommend it to all blood-thirsty people.

  11. Atanu
    Oh, now we shall have to learn ‘sarcasm’ from commies, Mao Mao Mao (is dead)
    well you did a good job of defending Mr. Paswan, or is it by any chance he represents your constituency? He does enjoys the commie Camaraderie, doesn’t he?

  12. ot,
    I’ll recommend the ultimate inexpensive & most effective Rooh Afsa, it will lead to a greater transformation- from macabre leeches to congenial cultivated organisms.

  13. They should be called TERRORISTS and nothing else. Calling them Mujahideen is likely to generate sympathy among their co-religionists. And like ann terrorists, they should be shot dead.

    BTW, if one kills a well-known terrorist, a person who has been sentenced to death by the Supreme court, do I get a punishment or reward?

  14. Aam Insaan –

    Unless you are joking or under the influence, I have no choice but to assume that you lack the ability to comprehend the English language.

    Otherwise, how on earth could you deduce, from his comment above that, Atanu was defending Paswan?

    p.s. i urge you to amble on over to Atanu’s blog, Deesha, at the soonest and rid yourself of some misconceptions. And in case it helps, Deesha is also translated into Hindi.

  15. Trilok
    Let Atanu speak for himself, there was absolutely no need of your display of a linguistic neurotic mechanism of compensation developed as a result of inferiority.

  16. Aam Insaan,
    I was only trying to help clarify your glaring misconceptions and not defend Atanu. Although I do confess that, I admire his intellectual output, which is quite prolific, and matched only by the founder of this blog.

  17. Well I wasn’t aware about him & since his remark to me sounded curt & preachy, I thought of twitting some logic just for the heck of it.

  18. Trilok
    Well by now i have visited his blog, & have a better understanding of your perspective

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