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No, a Centralist is not a shopper who prefers a chain of smart malls sprouting across India. A Centralist “(articulates) his or her worldview from within the existing (constitutional) framework. He also better understand(s) the power of free markets, trade, and economic growth, and are liberated from social orthodoxies.”

Like your seventh standard classmate who stuck things on your back while you were answering the teacher, Etlamatey has pasted this label onto this blogger.

Do read the post, because Mr Etlamatey disapproves of Centralism. And because it’s well-written.

3 thoughts on “Centralism”

  1. Nitin,

    Seems to me your critic resents your comfort with staying within constitutional bounds and yet being (permissibly) nationalistic (unlike your ‘Yindu nationalist’ counterparts).

    Could it have to do with the possibility that the said critic seems to be having trouble articulating a cogent and indignant put-down of your position the way s/he is easily able to trash your Hindu nationalist cousins?

    Admittedly, just wondering only.

  2. Even with my leftier leanings I couldnt discern the well-written parts of that post.

    And he offers as a direct response, a post from Sauvik-antidote that includes :

    “The only answer to terrorism is moral… As with the Naxals, so with these terrorists, there must be a political dialogue based on morality.”

    OTOH I agree with Rahul, its almost impossible to prevent bombings in open public places. This might be pretty much the same story with an NDA govt in place.

    I hope Rahul will agree that this blog questions IMO not that but the political will of the current govt to fight this fight.

    More generally I wish everybody stopped going for the easy cop-out blame game (“where will they find the terrorists for the unrelenting fight”) on this at least, the most serious of issues.

    ..and keep that snide stuff for the economic policy, reservations debate etc.

    On the war on terror, there really should be a consensus.


  3. Alas, Etlamatey does not offer any ideas that can help improve matters, which reduces his opinion to, well, just a rant.

    Facile lines like “where will you find committed people”, in a tone that implies
    the battle is already lost without a fight belies a “we’re helpless against jihad” belief.

    One more of those, we do not need.

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