The Congressional OK

A big deal passes muster

It was the big deal until the Paulson bailout upstaged it. But the US Congress has voted in favour of the India-US nuclear deal. Senators John McCain, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden all voted in favour.

As is the practice, they’ve sent it to President George W Bush for his assent. Technically he can veto it. But the chances of that happening are, ahem, slim.

13 thoughts on “The Congressional OK”

  1. “It was the big deal until…”

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it was never big deal to US other than an occasional kerfuffle by NPAs…. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of Indo-US deal on MSNBC, CNN or FOX. It was completely insignificant as far as US is concerned.

  3. Chaandra, While it may not have been a big deal for the average American, it was definitely a big deal for the American elite.
    And the only reason it is not going to be in the news cycle is because of the bailout, at least here in New York.

    In any case, this is a great day for Indo-U.S. relations. Congratulations to us all.

  4. If the ends justify the means, the deal is indeed good. But fact remains that our PM lied, and lied throughout, to Indians and to the Indian Parliament; whereas the American President cannot be accused of shortchanging his people or institutions.

  5. “whereas the American President cannot be accused of shortchanging his people or insitutions.”



    Youngblood, feel free to use more letters from the alphabet to string sentences together. 😉

  7. This could be the high point of Bharat-US relationship for a while to come especially if Obama wins, as seems likely…US State Department will take back the lead in relations and I predict hyphenation will be back…MEA may be in for a rude shock. But if McCain wins, I think relationship will just take off even further….

  8. The deal is being continuously discussed in BBC, Euro News, Al Jazeera, CNN etc for the past 48 hours. Al Jazeera, the *other side explorer* is constantly showing some Pakistani experts who feel this deal will push Pakistan to explore other deals with other friendly nations [read China] and will create an arms race in sub-continent.

    The world IS discussing this deal.

  9. Ashutosh-

    “The one thing I love about the American president is that his lying is consistent.”

    Then you must be crazy about all Indian Politicians?

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