9 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: PJ”

  1. never mind, with such well-wishers as you, the architect of one of india’s worst pogroms will know the tech meaning of RSS as well. lage raho

  2. Shivam,

    It’s okay if you didn’t get the joke. You don’t have to jump in and put people in odious categories.

  3. Shivam, Were there any other pogroms in India??

    I thought this word is reserved for Namo and Gujarat.. 🙂

  4. Shivam Vij is swiftly turning into present gen’s Praful Bidwai: voluble, hyperbolic and completely irrelevant.

  5. Shivam – I know of more than twenty five thousand Indian Sikhs[children, women and men] who,were they alive, would have begged to disagree.

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