Safe under the carpet

Whose wealth was kept out of the financial system?

Al-Qaeda’s. (Sunday Levity. Yes, this joke is on the rest of us)

The Associated Press reports that

Al-Qaida, which gets its money from the drug trade in Afghanistan and sympathizers in the oil-rich Gulf states, is likely to escape the effects of the global financial crisis.

One reason is that al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorists have been forced to avoid using banks, relying instead on less-efficient ways to move their cash around the world, analysts said. [AP]

Because it was forced to keep its money under mattresses (okay, carpets) it might have escaped the dramatic losses due to the global financial crisis. Not entirely though. Unless they managed to cash out in time, terrorist financiers must have lost some money in the stock market, which they were alleged to be milking.

2 thoughts on “Safe under the carpet”

  1. True, if the Al-Quaida had kept its a million dollars under the carpet after 9/11, they’d have a million dollars today. It’s also true that if they had invested their money in an S&P500 index fund after 9/11, they’d have a million dollars (actually a bit more) today. What the market giveth, it takes away, after compensating the investor for the risk – Finance 101 🙂

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