Law of the Fishes watch

The protecting railway passengers edition

When the state is perceived to be failing in its duty to impose order through its monopoly over the legitimate use of force, it provides excuses for vested interests to take on that role.

Alleging a ‘breakdown’ in the law and order machinery in Maharashtra, Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh said unarmed workers of his party will travel in trains in that state to prevent north Indians from being attacked. [IE]

3 thoughts on “Law of the Fishes watch”

  1. No Politics is done for benefit of others. It is all done for the benefit of politician. I see this part of a malaise that politicians want to grow. More Biharis might take to extremism. And may kill and die in Mumbai. This will be to advantage of leaders of 2 states. Maharashtra and Bihar. And probably enemies of India who still have never reconciled with an idea of India.

    Mumbai needs controlled migration. But a vision needs to be created.India should have 7 financial hubs across the nation. Probably Indore, Chandigarh, Vizag, Surat, Aurangabad, Greater Noida, Jamshedpur. I believe if rather than fighting on Marathi Bihari a visionary outlook can be created then a solution is there in sight.

    Remember all this is with an eye on comin elections. Leaders like Digvijay and Laloo and Amat have 2 points to make. First wedge between Sena and BJP. Second forcing marathis to react more so that they can get a similar reaction in UP, MP and Bihar.

    My worry is for India. These politicians will truly destroy India.

  2. Kulkarni- The problem with visions is that each one of us has one. May insects fall in my mouth for saying this, but even Raj Thackeray and his lads are acting on their own vision of how things should be. How about simply ensuring basic rights and liberties for all, and letting progress take its own course?

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