3 thoughts on “Terrorists attack Assam”

  1. Should hardly be surprising. A few days back we read that Pak and B’desh flags were hoisted and local tribes, who originally belong to the state, to reiterate the obvious – were subjected to brutal attacks. This is happening with sickening regularity, sickening frequency, the macabre dance of death – the torn torsos, the dismembered limbs etc. etc. – has already become a situation daja vu, ergo deja oublie. As froginthewell has pointed out, unless the victims are non-Hindus you cannot expect them to work up righteous indignation – remember the heat Batla Nagar shoot-out generated? The present Government is utterly incompetent, if not impotent, as far as terror is concerned.

  2. These terrorists are rather unkind to our Hon’ble Home Minister. Every time a bomb goes off killing innocents, Patil Esq. is forced to decide which suit to wear before which TV – now there’re tens of them coaxing him for a sound bite – and the rate at which these terrorists are doing their sacred duty, our Hon’ble Minister may soon run out of suits. And if we go by what Aditya Sinha (the Editor of Indian Express) wrote, everytime he puts on a suit he is on the throes of a difficult decision as to which comb to put in which pocket. The terrorists should take heart and give a breather for our Hon’ble Minister to catch up with his wardrobe.

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