Pragati November 2008: The Sri Lanka dilemma


Don’t abandon the Tiger
A Sinhala-dominated Sri Lanka is not in India’s interests
T S Gopi Rethinaraj

The moment of truth on the LTTE
The decimation of the Tamil Tigers is a good thing
Subramanian Swamy

Tuning a new balance
China’s military transformation and the implications for India
Arun Sahgal

Looking back at Amarnath
India must seize the opportunity that has come in the wake of the crisis
Raja Karthikeya Gundu

The strategic imprint of India’s presence
A discussion on strategic affairs with Jaswant Singh
Nitin Pai & Prashant Kumar Singh

In tandem: military and civil bureaucracy
Differentiating military advisors and military commanders
Sushant K Singh & Rohit Pradhan

Faith in the system
The state must not restrict religious freedoms
Rohit Pradhan & Harsh Gupta

Rajiv Gandhi’s last manifesto
The Congress Party must rediscover its 1991 vision
V Anantha Nageswaran

The end of financial capitalism: what now?
Competent economic management has become all the more important
Mukul G Asher

Not a moment of boredom
Reviews of Pallavi Aiyar’s Smoke and Mirrors and Praveen Swami’s India, Pakistan and the Secret Jihad
Nitin Pai

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4 thoughts on “Pragati November 2008: The Sri Lanka dilemma”

  1. Jaswat Singh was a delight to read. Delight to read both because of his erudition, and also because of his obfuscation. 🙂 I’m particularly disappointed with his answer to the question on military modernization. The suicide-bomber is not the only adversary that the arming of the defence forces has to be geared at, I believe. Singh did not answer this question at all, and interviewers did not do a good job of persisting in getting an answer.

  2. Really enjoyed Jaswant Singh’s interview. How rare is it to find consonance of thought and a sense for history in our political leadership? It does read like a long lecture. Did he not take you seriously? Waiting for the podcast to hear if this was because of editing 🙂

    I have a feeling that ‘the thing that defines Indian nationhood’ that he keeps alluding to and asks you to look for an answer, is him trying not to say ‘hindutva’ because the word’s meaning has conflated over the years.

  3. That’s is good interview with Sri Jaswant Singh although it was a bit too philosophical which we would do well to get away from – I am sure the podcast will be good too.

    But, just like Oldtimer, I am curious about the national security issues that you brought up that we should be concerned about (I thought his response was appropriate based on your follow up) and didn’t probe enough about military preparedness because Sri Singh was, after all, recently in charge of defence.

  4. Not sure if anyone else saw the news about IAF landing at the advanced landing ground at Fukche, Eastern Ladakh.

    Some googling shows the landing strip pretty clearly.
    See Google Maps linke


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