Reductio ad borderum

Reducing everything to a matter of borders

The special award for gross oversimplification goes to Sajjad Karim, Member of the European Parliament for North West England. According to him:

The lack of secure defined borders whether it be the Durand Line bordering Afghanistan or the line of control in Kashmir is one problem. Until the international community faces the challenge of providing Pakistan with defined borders, a task left incomplete by the British in 1947, we can never hope for a stable, secure and democratically based society.

The best way in which to repay the people of Pakistan for the stance they have taken in putting their country on the front line is to give them this stability. Without this you simply apply sticking plaster where much more is required. More so, programmes aimed at supporting democratic processes or other civil society reforms, while valuable, will always prove to be ultimately temporary and ineffective. [Times Online]

Of course, the possibility that a stable, secure and democratically based society might be what is necessary to have secure defined borders did not cross Mr Karim’s mind. Nor did the fact that Pakistanis showed themselves capable of acquiring secure defined borders by ceding territory to China in 1963. In any case, hasn’t the EU tired of irredentism already?

Tailpiece: For you Latin fundamentalists: yes, borderum is incorrect. It should probably be ambitus, margino, but borderum has a better ring to it.

2 thoughts on “Reductio ad borderum”

  1. The Pakistanis have never been lacking in chutzpah or audacity. They’ll try and sell air conditioners to the eskimos, if they can get away with it. I prefer to remind everyone of the ‘Blood Borders’ article in the US Armed Forces Journal:

    Rather than try to break up all of Pakistan’s neighbors just to please it, it’s far more economical to break up Pakistan itself. This would remove a source of Indo-Western tension, as well as providing land-locked Afghanistan more open access to the sea, preventing it from becoming an isolated cesspool of backward fanaticism. Most importantly, the US will no longer be subject to Pakistani blackmail through its rogue antics.

    The above picture originally accompanied that article, however it seems to have been removed, likely due to political pressure.

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