Tell Your Mother about INI Day

The hand that rocked your cradle can rock the nation

Those of you who are on the INI group on Facebook might have received a note about Tell Your Mother about INI Day (TYM08): Just tell your mother—preferably in person—about the Indian National Interest blogs and Pragati on November 28th, 2008. And help her with it, if she needs it. And invite your friends to tell their mothers, and so on. (Lest you ask, yes, we mean mothers-in-law too. But use your discretion)

There’s a facebook page for this event where you can indicate your participation and share your experiences, photos and suchlike. So mark 28th November in your calendar.

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Mother about INI Day”

  1. Sabari,

    Good for you. The help was recommended for mums who need it. If she’s not already visiting INI, then you should tell her to.

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