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  1. Another day another terrorist attack. From a very high level it seems like the Government is too busy to deal with trivial issue such as homeland security. I for one am sick of this.

    I am sick of the fact that this too eventually will get swept under the rug after its 15 minutes of fame are done. I am sick of the media coverage of these topics and sensationalistic approach taken by the mass media towards these matters. I am sick of poor governance. I am sick of this appeasement policy. I am sick of the lack of accountability and lack of responsibility when it comes to tracking these terrorists down.

    I am interested in discussing what is next. I am interested in taking action. What can we do. How do we hold people accountable and ensure that appropriate measures are taken?

  2. Nothing will happen. Everyone will exhort Mumbaikars to move on and show their resilience. Mumbaikars will oblige. The blame game will go on. Elections will happen. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  3. Unfortunately, that has been true in the past. But this can’t keep going on, What is in store for us if events like these keep repeating themselves?

  4. I think that this is going to the straw that breaks the camels back – this is not just another terrorist attack – there have been about 10 attacks all over the city with terrorists walking around with explosives, grenades and AK-47s.

    There is a war going on out there. Whether India is capable of fighting it is an open question.

    If Shivraj Patil is not sacked for this, i dont know what it is going to take to dismiss this incompentent SOB. Frankly Manmohan Singh should resign if he had any sense of honor or responsibility – unfortunately that isnt exactly the wisest course of action, right now.

    Chalta hai cannot continue any longer.

  5. wonder where is prag, hope not in mumbai, shouting REFORM THE ARMED FORCES. it makes u feel sad, when u see inefficiency being rewarded. had the IB and RAW chiefs along with the police chiefs of the respective states been sacked (NOT SUSPENDED), WHEN EARLIER BLASTS TOOK PLACE, WE COULD HAVE BEEN SPARED THIS PROBLEM.

    the entire media and ur community as well is shouting about one purohit (though nothing has been proved as yet), ignoring the numerous bigger issues which affect the country as a whole.

    i recommend, purohit, be hired by the govt of india as the intelligence chief for maharashtra (an army officer has no religious or political leanings) just let a shirk speak to him for a few days and givemake him understand reason (if he has done it).

    and for gods sake now look at para military reforms. it is shameful that units had to be called from pune and delhi to tackle the situation when more than 10 CRPF battalions are in and around mumbai. are they security guards – if yes then treat them like security guards.


    let us please wake up now, or it may be too late after a few years.

  6. The western media people need to go find themselves a real job.
    I just got sick watching CNN’s larry king interviewing Deepak Chopra.
    His claim to fame for this particular interview- “Has friends and family in Mumbai”.
    And Mr Chopra refers to Gujarat riots insinuating it to be the cause for this carnage.Mr Chopra perhaps means to say India did not face terrorism before the Gujarat riots(?)

    Pseudo-intellectuals India is better without you.


  7. I am sad that Hemant Karkare the ATS chief’s life was lost in the operation. It might have been much more useful for him to direct it from the side. I really hope our honorable PM takes an appropriately politically incorrect and hardline approach to this. One other thing which might happen will be that the next election may be fought on a national security platform.

  8. Machiavellian.

    The mastermind behind this operation is very smart. Smarter than we have faced before.

    The timing helps BJP in upcoming state elections. Through sheer luck perhaps, they managed to kill Hemant Karkare as well. This is going to give a field day to conspiracy theorists who will claim that the attacks were orchestrated by “Terrorists of the Majority” who wanted to help BJP and stop ATS, etc.

  9. Manu: oh please, they’re able to strike every few weeks not because the enemy is good but because we’re so pathetic at preventing them.

  10. Absolutely devastated.

    Seriously, WTF!

    It’s a war. Why don’t we realize? Mumbai, yet again. Over 100 killed, including the ATS chief. What is going on? Shivraj Patil and Manmohan Singh, please resign as your Government is completely inadequate to cope up with the larger threat of cross-border terrorism.

  11. So the army continues to do what the police must. I can imagine how happy that makes the Chinese.

  12. No doubt that stopping to be pathetic is the way to stop this nonsense. Nonetheless, you have to give these evil masterminds credit for ingenuity.

    On Indian Muslims blog, Mohib is already trying to put 2 and 20 together.

  13. * Nikamma (Incompetent) Governance by the UPA
    * Ordinary citizens not marching for, demanding Security
    * Information being given out by the Television media – dont terrorists know about Television?

    Mumbai today, somewhere else tomorrow. A terror attack roughly every 25 days – almost as regular as the monthly salary.

  14. my two cents’ worth:
    1. this won’t be the last such attack. more deadlier attack lie before us.
    2. i say the above because we indians (and thereby our government whichever party it is) can’t think and plan long-term and always take ad-hoc measures. We heard that the terrorists came by boats. so, they will dramatically increase the patrolling in the seas for some time and the terrorists will find some other way. we seem to be always playing catch-up. no thinking, planning, nothing.
    3. our political parties don’t seem to agree on what issues need to be politicised and what shouldn’t. so, we will see some fake “solidarity” at the beginning and then it will all degenerate into a political tamasha with people like BP Singhal and Teesta Setalvad taking centrestage.

    I am 100% certain of the above preditions and i am no bejan daruwalla.

  15. Things to ponder:

    7/11 ‘mastermind’ Raheel Sheikh was rumored to have been arrested in London 2 days ago. So is this a response? Were US and UK nationals targeted bcos of this? Or is this just a coincidence?

    how much time did Hemant Karkare spend investigating the 7/11 case? or was he too busy running the political campaign on malegaon?

    will Indian cricket team still refuse to tour pakistan early next year?

  16. 18 kilos of RDX. This is different from what it looked like initially – a bunch of loonies on the rampage with AK 47s.

  17. I think the entire Malegaon probe thing is an electioneering ploy. The UPA wants a card to play against the NDA on terror. The timing of the probe and findings inspires suspicion.

    It takes months to plan this kind of an orchestrated attack. What has the Anti-Terrorism Squad been doing? Their chief has laid down his life, but I don’t know how many plaudits he really deserves.

  18. Can someone confirm this? Is there a IN corvette chasing after that mother ship which is heading to Karachi?

  19. Some people on twitter say that the navy and coast guard are pursuing a ship called M V Alpha which is trying to escape our of Indian waters. Reports say that the boats on which the terrorists arrived had Pakistani markings. An intelligence official on condition of anonymity says that the terrorists may have come from karachi. So it seems the terrorists had their boats tugged to Mumbai by a ship. But these reports are all unconfirmed.

  20. Hemant Karkare is a highly rated police officer.

    Like him or not, let’s not malign him like that, least when he’s dead.

    We are all one, in times like these.

  21. I heard Star News is reporting that security personnel have gotten hold of a cell phone which apparently fell off from one of the terrorists and the calls received on it are coming from Pakistan. I do not access to TV, can anyone confirm this?

  22. 1+1 = Mumbai attack.

    1 = Raj thkry distracting mumbai police, with his bihari bashing
    1 = Somali pirates keeping indian navy busy


    The govt is taken the incedents of terror attacts as cool as “the street fights.” The Govt needs to realise the there is a serious lacking on the security measure. The VIPS & VVIPS please do not honour you chairs, get out of your chairs, let ther be a taught in you that, you to are the citizen of this country, there is a responcibility in you also. Hence, please wake up it is high time for us to stop these sorts of acts.

    Israel Bangalore.

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