The 1971 Bangladesh Genocide Archive


Rezwan of the 3rd World View, a good friend and one of the pioneers of blogging in Bangladesh, is the moving force behind the Bangladesh Genocide Archive project. Last week, on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of Bangladesh’s Victory Day, he dedicates the project “to the hundreds and thousands of people who have died in the war and those brave souls who has fought for the country with firearms, support and stood in solidarity with the Bangladeshis.”

3 thoughts on “The 1971 Bangladesh Genocide Archive”

  1. While there is so much of BHL movements between India and Pakistan, we don’t get to read much about such interactions between the masses of India and Bangladesh [correct me if I am wrong!!]

    I think we should develop close relationships with people as well as govt [military, civilian whatever] in Bangladesh to further sub-continent synergy!

  2. What Bangladesh genocide?

    /sarc off

    Where is the Bangladesh holocaust memorial and museum that Dilli should have had the basic decency and common sense to build starting at least 1972?

    Where is the persona non grata list on Bangladesh that includes the razakars, islamists, jihadists and assorted collaborators with the West Pak Army – many of whom later got into government?

    Again, lack of moral clarity doesn’t imply either intelligence or objectivity – something many suave ‘commentators and analysts’ too often ignore.

  3. OT but relevant.

    Somini on a roll, with a vengeance, NO2 pumped engines and afterburner…


    Chock full of Somini-isms. So many I lost count. There’s a concerted attempt behind sthink-tanks, venerated media vehicles, celebrities, phoren-award winning desi pimtellectuals and the like to have yindia ‘let go Kashmir’.

    Despite the economic and other crises ravaging the west, this part of the old great game continues to be played relentlessly. The only reaction I now have to this tripe is resigned boredom. Yawn and move on. Giving these somini types so much attn n chimportance is itself a symptom of diffidence and fear. Time we blew away these reports as what they really are – biased, overselective and agenda-driven.

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