Always, the nagging doubt

A tale of our times

Raj writes:

(The private detective said:)…Soon after dinner, they walked out of the restaurant together, took the elevator and went up to a deluxe suite on the 3rd floor. The elevator operator told us later that they were locked in a tight embrace throughout the journey up. He also photographed them going into the deluxe suite.

We had positioned one of our spotters at a cafe across the road from where he had a good view of the window of the deluxe suite. Through the light falling on the curtains, he caught the silhouette of the pair kissing each other. Here’s a photograph of that too.”

At this stage, the husband stopped the detective, “What happened next? What happened next?” [Plus Ultra]

What happened next? Go find out for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Always, the nagging doubt”

  1. The gunman requesting Pakistan’s help really cracks me up. That should add to the “proof” that Zardari wants.

  2. Apparently, against all sane advice, ABV fell for Mushyrat’s repeated “show me proof” routine and actually played a tape between Mush and his top aide discussing “our boys” on the kargil slopes.

    About as hand-in-jar/ smoking-gun as you can get.

    To his credit, mush STFUed and broke off the call. Sadly, ABV unwittingly exposed an intelligence gathering op in the porcess. There lies the danger in ‘showing proof’ or ‘sharing evidence’.

  3. If Pak doesn’t accept Mr. Kasab as its citizen, may be we should start doing elimination of nationalities.

    Take all 180+ UN countries. Start eliminating each nation of which Mr. Kasab may not be a citizen. Obvious eliminations like Ghana, Papua New Guinea etc would eliminate close to 150 countries. Of the remaining, send letters to all other countries to respond in 24 hours if Mr. Kasab was their nationality. 29 would respond saying NO leaving Pak behind. If Pak says he is not a resident, ask for proof!!

    I am following BBC’s policy of respecting the gunman and calling him “Mr”

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