Reactors of the grandfathered kind (2)

Actually, there were quadruplets

A report in yesterday’s Hindustan Times (linkthanks Swami Iyer) reveals that China, after all, is assisting Pakistan in building the third and fourth reactors at the Chashma nuclear complex. These reactors have been grandfathered (see this post for details of this deal) over the United States’ objections that that “cooperation on the construction of two new reactors, Chashma III and IV, would be inconsistent with the commitments China made at the time of its adherence to Nuclear Suppliers Group guidelines in 2004.”

China clearly believes that presenting the incoming Obama administration with a fait accompli on this front will do the trick. It is unlikely to be mistaken on this account.

3 thoughts on “Reactors of the grandfathered kind (2)”

  1. Too many questions ze great democracies of the world are being faced with these days – all with a common underlying theme.

    Hum toh yehi karenge, tum kya kar loge?

  2. If China is evading its responsibilities under the Nuclear Suppliers Group, then we may have to do the same – just before we get membership, naturally. I wonder if Taiwan is in the market for nuclear reactors?

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